This strategy guide is specifically for the Challenge Battle, but can also be applied to the regular battle.

F2P Method

Required Items

  • Ice/Light Guest (I used Nezujimbo)
  • Ice/Light Pet (I used Nerfkitten)
  • Darkness Pet/Guest at the lowest level (Undead Archer or Undead Army)
  • 35 HP/MP Potions (Farm Triple Challenge)
  • High Communicant Zeal (Can use Neutral Armor of Awe as well)
  • Subrace Armor
  • Neutral Awe Shield
  • Lokhaista Shard Misc
  • Essence Orb Misc
  • Horoshow Void-Vigilante Armor
  • Fairy Godmother
  • Optional: Ambush or Dead-Eye Straight Potion from Lucretia


  • Make sure you start the battle with a full sp-bar.
  • Use Subrace Mesmerize/Snarl twice each turn until you have 4 stacks of control for Vampire or 4 turns of at least 80% fear for Werewolf.
  • Pass the turn by either attacking (if high on HP) or taking a potion (if low) and let the guest and pet do the damage.
  • Make sure you're wearing High Communicant Zeal + Lokhaista Shard + Neutral Shield of Awe When you end your turn.
  • Keep your HP above 2000.
  • When he's low (around 2k hp) you can try blasting him with Horoshow skill.
  • Use Essence Orb when necessary to refill SP
  • Use Darkness pet if he has haunting stacks on you to remove them, then switch back to the damage pet.
  • Nerfkitten is highly recommended at least for some of the turns to reduce his chance of dodging your pets.
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