150 245 0 250 0 5 250

This is an end-game only build and therefore has no stat-spread for lower level characters.

Having STR at 245 is to force older items to default to the magic option.

Note that the default werepyre no-drop won't be listed here. You can interchange the mason forms with the respective element bloodzerkers / elemental spell imbues.

Weapons Armors Shields Spells Pets Miscs
Guardian Blade Guardian Plate Guardian Shield Summon Poelala Poelala Blood Contract
Royal Void Charge Harvest Reaper Mason Form Celtic Wheel Jaania's Orb of Power Ramssy Zfinity Gauntlet: Power
Zealot's Wrath Mason Form Strawberry Shieldcake Seeing Red Mog Lightnaut Zfinity Gauntlet: Time
Silk Screamer Staff Festive Mason Form Haunted Dragonlord's Will Terror Fist Mysterious Necromoglin Essence Orb
Void Spear of War Voltaic Bloodzerker Arcane Amplification Chilly Shadowfeeder Pendant
Mystic Blade of Frostval Past Haunted Dragonlord Armour 2019 New Year's Surprise Prime Chaos Orb
Mighty Blade of Frostval Past Armour of Frostval Past Arms of the Dragonguard Cracked Ornament
Merry Lance of Frostval Past Champion Holy Arcanist Purple Rain Love Potion #736

The crux of this build revolves around a purple rain setup based around Royal Void Charge consuming the panic status on enemies (hence the eponymous "Panic Eater Werepyre"). Like the terror eater build, this build is highly modular, where your elemental coverage comes from imbues / bloodzerkers, and backup weapons like Void Spear of War deals harm while you nuke using Silk Screamer Staff / Morningstar Cross. Prime Chaos Orb (seasonal UR GGB) can also be used to shift around elemental resists to your fancy

The build really becomes expensive if you want to cover all elemnts with imbues and bloodzerkers. As these items are typically Z-token items / UR GGB items / Perma Rare. Therefore this is a rather demanding build if you want to push its performance to the maximum. In addition, as your spell slots are crammed with panic infliction spells and buffs, most of your imbues will be in the form of armours (Masons) or bloodzerkers. The items above will allow you to eat panic in all 8 elements with the exception of wind.

Nevertheless, the essential core of this build is really 6 items, all of which are gold items (Jaania's is a Common GGB item):

  1. Royal Void Charge (eating said panic)
  2. Werepyre Form (quick-cast panic infliction and beast form damage boost)
  3. Jaania's Orb (panic infliction against non Energy enemies)
  4. Seeing Red (panic infliction against non Fire enemies)
  5. Shadowfeeder Pendant (celerity)
  6. Purple Rain (Reclaiming all your resources after setting up)

We want to use both Jaania and Seeing Red, since you won't inflict any panic if the enemy is of the same type (Energy/Fire respectively) or if their resist is <= 0%. With PCO, you are guaranteed that at least one of the spells will work (unless the enemy has all <=0% resists).

Silk Screamer Staff (replace with Morningstar Cross if you don't have it) and Zealot's Wrath are backup damage options.

We first start with the inherent disadvantage of using panic as a status: Due to the nature of the panic status being capped at 100% (enemy effectiveness at 0), there is an inherent hard cap unlike Fear or Cold. In addition, there is a very real chance for the enemy to shrug off all your panic stacks in one go, rendering all your previous effort moot. Therefore, the strategy listed here will attempt to circumvent this by means of celerity. In addition unlike fear, which has a diversity of options for infliction (werewolf snarl, terror fist, terror set), the current options for inflicting panic is rather limited, which is why a werepyre build is used. However, panic does have a major advantage over fear: While it can be shrugged off easily by boss boost, its infliction is guaranteed and is unaffected by Freedom. The setup is as follows: Turn 1

  1. Purple Rain, cast all your buffs, along with your elevul items (gauntlet, frostval weapons) if you have them
  2. Use PCO to adjust your enemy's resists if needed
  3. Stun/Control your enemy, QC your werepyre panic skill (terror), switch to your paladin armour (for extra panic infliction), and cast arms of the dragonguard
  4. Worst case scenario, the enemy shrugs off the panic inflicted, which is no big deal.
Turn 2
  1. Inflict another stack of elevul from your power gauntlet if you have it
  2. Use Shadowfeeder Pendant for celerity
  3. QC your werepyre panic skill, switch to your paladin armour, and cast either Jaania or Seeing Red in accordance to the enemy's elemental type and resists. You should have close to 0% enemy effectiveness even if they shrugged off your panic from T1
Turn 2.5 (Celerity Turn)
  1. Switch to a bloodzerker (for the most damage boost) or your werepyre beast form and cast the appropriate imbue if needed
  2. Reclaim all your resources with Purple Rain
  3. OHKO your enemy by clicking on the shaft of the Royal Void Charge weapon (make sure it's toggled to Magic!)

Video Demonstration

Video Link Here: Werepyre Panic Eater Setup Demonstration

NOTE: Currently the Royal Void Charge is bugged. If the enemy has fire resist <= 0%, even if you imbued yourself to either a negative resist or positive resist, your panic eater will deal close to 0 damage so be careful when playing around with PCO

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