This section will explain about the differences between the multitude of weapons found throughout the game. 

Weapons come in multiple varieties and we will attempt to talk about weapon specials, weapons with guaranteed specials(such as bows), and weapons with built in skills.

Standard Weapons

Standard weapons are weapons that have a chance to cause a special attack to occur whenever attacking normally or with weapon based armor skills.

Common chances for specials on weapons are 20%, 12%, 10%, and even 5%. Typically these weapons are referred to as 20-proc, 10-proc etc.

Standard weapons receive no special treatment as they are considered the baseline on how to treat the other weapon categories.


0-proc weapons trade their ability to cause weapon specials for a simple damage multiplier. They are considered some of the best weapons offensively for a few very strong reasons.

  • 0-proc weapons exchange their chance for a weapon special for a x1.08 damage boost. This boost is also multiplied by armor leans, increasing their offensive capability even further
  • Players often choose 0-proc weapons as their multiplier is applied to weapon based skills.
  • Players also often choose 0-proc weapons because weapon specials are rarely boosted by Weapon Based armors and typically cause a decrease in damage.
  • 0-proc weapons also offer consistency due to not having random spikes in damage either positively or negatively meaning that the player can anticipate how much damage they can do turn by turn.


100-proc weapons are weapons with guaranteed specials. These weapons are typically bows or wands

100-proc weapons essentially replace the armor's attack with their own, and therefore ignore armor parameters and leans.

100-proc weapons like regular weapons have their own "true special" akin to the regular weapon special.

  • 100-proc weapons with "true specials" no longer receive -10% to damage.
  • 100-proc weapons without "true specials" now receive x1.1 to compensate for having no special.
  • 100-proc weapons use their own damage formulas allowing them to "ignore" the decreased damage of defensive armors.

Weapon Skills

Some weapons have the ability to be clicked and attack with a special skill of their own. The damage boost that this provides and the cost occurred depend on the weapon itself.

Weapon skills have recently begun being used in tandem with subrace level 10 transformations or the new Blazing Bloodzerker armor due to how their boosts to weapons allow them to boost these weapon-held skills.

An in-depth look at weapon skill nuking can be found in the link below:

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