The "stun meta" essentially involves casting Purple Rain at the beginning of the battle, immobilizing the monster with statuses, then re-casting Purple Rain in order to reset your HP, MP and SP (without resetting the monster's status effects), before "nuking" the monster with powerful skills.


After casting Purple Rain the first time, you'll want to use either Love Potion to inflict Control, or Shadowfeeder Pendant to give yourself and your pet/guest Celerity. Using both is ideal, but not always possible if you don't have enough misc slots. More info about these miscs can be found in the given page of the equipment section. Alternatively, if you're a Vampire, you can use the Mesmerize skill, which can often Control the monster for more than one turn on top of having a lower SP cost.

If you get unlucky with the status proc, and you run out of SP, just use Essence Orb to regain some before trying again. Make sure you have enough health left.

Necessary or recommended items

Purple Rain

SP spell that is essential for all builds and for the purpose of this guide. It is used to make other effects free. First cast costs nothing. If you use it a second or greater number of times times it attempts to turn back the HP, SP and MP values to the first cast to refund the cost of any statuses since the first cast. It does not reset or remove the following: statuses, kindred tranquility charges etc. It works on both monster and player SP, HP and MP values.

Shadowfeeder Pendant

Level 105 misc. When you click on the pendant icon, you spend 221 SP for a chance to gain Celerity, allowing you and your pet/guest to attack twice in one turn. The chance to receive the Celerity boost is dependent on your INT and LUK. Unequipping your pet while clicking it will reduce the SP cost from 304 SP to 221SP.

Love Potion

Seasonal Misc, will be available in February. If you run a Beastmaster build, then this is essentially a better version of Shadowfeeder Pendant. It grants 50 CHA, and when you click on the misc, you spend 331 SP for a chance to Control the monster, giving them a 100% chance of not acting during the turn.

Essence Orb

Click on the item to convert HP to SP. MC: 8% of the time, you'll be given 162.5% of the SP. Essential for all builds. If you do not own a guardian character it is will not be available to you but adventurers can get Essence Orb through the shop then the shared vault if you do own a guardian. Use it any time to attempt statuses or use skills as much as you would like.

Location: Guardian Tower -> Guardian Shop

Additional skills that benefit from Purple Rain


Vampire only control skill. When the roll succeeds it inflicts 1-2 turns of guaranteed stun. Very good if you want to guarantee lots of "free turns" to nuke the monster. Uses CHA for infliction, more than 200 CHA will not boost infliction chance. Do note that it doesn't not take a turn to activate and the stuns can only be attempted twice a turn. Celerity will not allow you to use it four times in one turn.

  • Uses CHA for infliction, more than 200 CHA will not boost infliction chance. Alluring Presence: Vampire CHA Drive. Will boost mesmerize chance if you don't have 200 CHA.

Increasing Control Chance

  • Taladosian Pendan(R GGB): Permanently available, costs a rare golden giftbox. Misc that gives 10% more chance for Control, Berserk, Fear, Panic, Sleep and The Cold rolls to succeed.
  • Cracked Ornament(Rare): Rare frostval misc that gives 10% more chance for any status to succeed as long as you can see its name on the monster's status panel. Yes, even control and afraid.
  • Accordion Shield (Rare): Rare frostval shield that gives 20% more chance for control rolls to succeed.
  • Love Potion: As shown above. It stacks with Mesmerize.


Werewolf only fear skill. It is quickcast so it does not take up a turn. It isn't especially good for stunning because the monster will still have a chance to act each turn but with the eat fear skill and purple rain you can use it for a free skill that will do many thousands of damage to almost any monster.:

  • Uses mainstat for infliction, more than 200 mainstat will not boost infliction chance. If you do not have 200 enough mainstat then Lycan Strength or Lycan Reflexes can boost STR and DEX. Mainstat for Snarl: melee weapon will use STR, ranged weapon DEX, magic weapon, INT.

Increasing Fear Chance

  • Terror Misc: 20% more chance for fear to succeed, reduces darkness damage taken,gives STR and INT. Free players can get the misc from one of the gold priced tiers instead of the Z token ones. Gold tiers: 45 (non guardian) , 56 (guardian) ,87 (guardian) and 117 (guardian)
  • Terror Eater: 0 proc weapon that can remove stacks of afraid to deal massive damage on the monster based on amount of afraid. Good weapon for any offensive playstyle that comes with a powerful ability. Free players can get the weapon from one of the gold priced tiers instead of the Z token ones. Gold tiers: 45 (non guardian) , 56 (guardian) ,87 (guardian) and 117 (guardian). Gold weapon not recommended for use at level 150.

Love Potion

As shown above. If you want another "free turn" you can use it. Useful to use right before you turn back time in-case your snarl or nukes fail.

When using Love Potion in conjunction with Mesmerize, do note that Love Potion cannot be applied after a successful Mesmerize cast, so always use it before you use Mesmerize.


Werepyre only panic skill. It is quickcast so it does not take a turn but can only be used once a turn. It isn't especially good for totally negating damage because the monster will have a 20% to a 30% chance to get rid of the effect each time it attacks but it can be used in combination with other choke effects and elemental shields to greatly or totally remove the damage the monster deals. :

  • Uses STR or INT(whichever is higher) against the monster's charisma so it will be very effective most of the time. More than 200 STR and/or INT will not boost infliction chance. Assuming player LUK and monster LUK are both equal the monster has a 30% chance to resist the status each turn,removing it completely.

Increasing Panic chance

  • Taladosian Pendant: R Golden Giftbox that gives 10% more chance for Panic, also for Berserk, Control, Fear/Afraid, Sleep and The Cold. This will boost Terror's Panic fail rate 30% to 20%.
  • Cracked Ornament(Rare): Rare frostval misc that gives 10% more chance for any status to succeed as long as you can see its name on the monster's status panel. Same as Taladosian Pendant,but also will work if you want to use it to help use almost any other status in the fight.
  • You could use the blood lust passive to heal SP each turn you are attacking in it,makes Werepyre very efficient.

Benefits of the Stun Meta

It allows you to use high damaging skills with little to no danger to the player.


powerful attacks that are part of an armor and they are most character's main source of damage currrently. The best ones are boosted by other in attempt to beat most monsters in 1 or 2 turns. The main types of skills are spell-based, weapon-based and "old lean".

Additional Relevant Items

CIT: Acronym for the ironthorn shield series. Shields that boost normal attack damage by a large amount making it one of the most important items in this guide if used with the effect guide strategy. It has drawbacks, one of which is lower accuracy. Info links: Chieftain's ironthorn and Ironthorn

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