This is a list of relative skill strength. As with any damage form in the game, everything is measured relative to a normal attack with a melee weapon in a neutral armor.

The Nerd Tab is intended for anyone who would like to verify my calculations, or see how the number has been reached.

For a better understanding of the different skill types, see the Skill Types page.


  • For Weapon Based Skills and Normal Attack Modifiers Blood Blades/Zerker Blades are assumed.
  • For Normal Attack Skills nothing is assumed.
  • For Spells / Spell-Based Skills, the strongest corresponding Spellbooster Weapon is assumed -
    • Fire: Arcane Cutlass of Combustion
    • Water: Tsunami Pen
    • Wind: Arcane Cutlass of Gales
    • Ice: Arctic Athame
    • Earth: Terra Bloodzerker's Sword
    • Energy: Dynamancer's Bloodblade/Voltaic Bloodzerker's Sword
    • Light: Arcane Cutlass of Radiance
    • Other Elements: Adventurer Figure - unless stated otherwise
  • Bloodzerker and Subrace Armors list in their entries when a Weapon Skill is used, and which one it is.
    • Additionally for Bloodzerker Armors the matching elemental Bloodzerker's Blade is assumed when Zerker Blade is listed, i.e. Terra Bloodzerker is paired with Terra Bloodzerker's Blade.
  • Wizard Robes (Elemental) refers to the elemental versions of Wizard Robes. These entries assume that an Elemental Robe is used with the corresponding Burst Spell and Cutlass/Athame under favorable conditions, e.g. Using Pyromancer's Robes with Destruction Burst and Arcane Cutlass of Combustion vs. a monster with Fire as its highest elemental resistance. Since only some elements have a cutlass/athame, take this with a grain of salt.
  • Angelic Robes assumes the same as the above but for Light only, i.e. using Creation Burst and Arcane Cutlass of Radiance vs. a monster with Light as its highest elemental resistance.
  • Brilhado Necromancer Robes assumes the use of Destruction Burst and Sila's Staff vs. a monster with Darkness as highest its elemental resistance.
  • Frozen Dragonslayer assumes an enemy with 200% Void resistance.

The list assumes the use of the Combat Type appropriate booster pet & guest, and a stat regime appropriate to the pure build you're using.

The Multiplier indicates how much melee power the attack is worth. A *2 multiplier means it deals the damage of 2 normal attacks with a melee weapon in a neutral armor.

The list assumes a pure build and therefore ignores how items interact with stat changes and should be taken with a slight grain of salt, but should generally give a good reference point.


The list is already sorted by strength. If you want to make by-element comparisons, click on Element, then hold Shift and click twice on Multiplier. This will sort it by strongest skills per element.

Power Ranking

Armor Element Multiplier The Nerd Tab
Kindred (200 Charges) 10Follows Weapon Element 13.2545 6*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Frozen Dragonslayer (vs Dragons) Void 9.40469 2*(1+0.3+0.1)*1.67941*2
Wizard Robes (Elemental) (Imbue with Lore) 10Follows Spell Element 9.242 2*(1+0.3+0.5+0.28125)*2.2203
Cryomancer Bloodmage (Monster INT>0) 04Ice 8.0465 2*(1+0.3+0.5+0.375)*1.84977
Hydromancer Bloodmage 02Water 7.85782 2*(1+0.3+0.5)*1.18*1.84977
Lumenomancer Bloodmage 07Light 7.69967 2*(1+0.3+0.5+0.28125)*1.84977
Pyromancer Bloodmage 01Fire 7.69967 2*(1+0.3+0.5+0.28125)*1.84977
Cryomancer Bloodmage (Monster INT<=0) 04Ice 7.35284 2*(1+0.3+0.5+0.1875)*1.84977
Dynamancer Bloodmage 06Energy 7.21410 2*(1+0.3+0.5+0.15)*1.84977
Wizard Robes (Elemental) 10Follows Spell Element 7.16075 2*(1+0.3+0.5+0.28125)*1.7203
White Knight 07Light 7.02569 2*(1+0.6)*2.19553
Moglord Tortress (Water Form) 02Water 6.976‬ 2*(1+0.6)*2.18
Blazing Bloodzerker (Gauntlet of Xano) 01Fire 6.75 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.25
Quenching Bloodzerker (Gauntlet of Xano) 02Water 6.75 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.25
Terra Bloodzerker (Gauntlet of Xano) 05Earth 6.75 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.25
Voltaic Bloodzerker (Gauntlet of Xano) 06Energy 6.75 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.25
Lord of The Skies 03Wind 6.73635 2*(1+0.6)*2.10511
Taladosian Robes 06Energy 6.71894 2*(1+0.6)*2.09967
Horo-Show Void Vigilante 04Ice 6.64461 2*(1+0.6)*2.10166*0.988
Chaos Armor (Including Random Compensation) 09Random 6.55865 2*(1+0.6)*2.04958
Blazing Bloodzerker (Zabura's Hammer/Zakiya's Spear) (Melee/Ranged) 01Fire 6.36363 2*2*(1+0.6+0.2-0.5/1.25)*1.25/1.1
Quenching Bloodzerker (Zabura's Hammer/Zakiya's Spear) (Melee/Ranged) 02Water 6.36363 2*2*(1+0.6+0.2-0.5/1.25)*1.25/1.1
Terra Bloodzerker (Zabura's Hammer/Zakiya's Spear) (Melee/Ranged) 05Earth 6.36363 2*2*(1+0.6+0.2-0.5/1.25)*1.25/1.1
Voltaic Bloodzerker (Zabura's Hammer/Zakiya's Spear) (Melee/Ranged) 06Energy 6.36363 2*2*(1+0.6+0.2-0.5/1.25)*1.25/1.1
Blazing Bloodzerker (Blade of the Thornful Rose) 01Fire 6.2 2*2*(1+0.6+0.2-0.25)
Quenching Bloodzerker (Blade of the Thornful Rose) 02Water 6.2 2*2*(1+0.6+0.2-0.25)
Terra Bloodzerker (Blade of the Thornful Rose) 05Earth 6.2 2*2*(1+0.6+0.2-0.25)
Voltaic Bloodzerker (Blade of the Thornful Rose) 06Energy 6.2 2*2*(1+0.6+0.2-0.25)
Legion Doomknight (Ice Armor) (Ice) (INT>0) 04Ice 6.15287 2*(1+0.3+0.375)*1.83668
Tyrannochicken Rex Rider 03Wind 6.08403 2*(1+0.3+0.28125)*1.81064*(85/80)
Blazing Bloodzerker (Morningstar Cross) (Magic) 01Fire 5.9961 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.267-0.05)*1.1
Quenching Bloodzerker (Morningstar Cross) (Magic) 02Water 5.9961 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.267-0.05)*1.1
Terra Bloodzerker (Morningstar Cross) (Magic) 05Earth 5.9961 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.267-0.05)*1.1
Voltaic Bloodzerker (Morningstar Cross) (Magic) 06Energy 5.9961 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.267-0.05)*1.1
Flame Guardian Dragon Form 01Fire 5.96243 2*(1+0.6)*1.86326
Hydro Guardian Dragon Form 02Water 5.96243 2*(1+0.6)*1.86326
Voltaic Guardian Dragon Form 06Energy 5.96243 2*(1+0.6)*1.86326
Angelic Robes 07Light 5.9247 2*(1+0.8811+0.3+0.5+0.28125)
War's Legacy/War Ascendant (Carnage) 01Fire 5.84989 2*(1+0.3+0.28125)*1.84977
Grenwog Rider (Wind Form) 03Wind 5.84986 2*(1+0.3+0.28125)*1.84976
ShadowWalker of Time 08Darkness 5.81445 2*(1+0.3+0.5+0.09375)*1.53517
Blazing Bloodzerker (Morningstar Cross) (Ranged) 01Fire 5.775 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.2-0.05)*1.1
Quenching Bloodzerker (Morningstar Cross) (Ranged) 02Water 5.775 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.2-0.05)*1.1
Terra Bloodzerker (Morningstar Cross) (Ranged) 05Earth 5.775 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.2-0.05)*1.1
Voltaic Bloodzerker (Morningstar Cross) (Ranged) 06Energy 5.775 2*1.5*(1+0.6+0.2-0.05)*1.1
Torontosaurus Rex Rider 01Fire 5.64545 2*(1+0.6+0.2+0.5)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Brilhado Necromancer Robe 08Darkness 5.60184‬ 2*(1+0.83616+0.3+0.5)*1.0625
Ebony Sepulchure Form (vs Undead) 08Darkness 5.56291 2*(1+0.6)*1.7663*(85/95)*1.1
Werewolf/Vampire Subrace (Gauntlet of Xano) 07Light 5.53125‬ 2*1.5*(1+0.6-0.125)*1.25
Blazing Bloodzerker (Zerker Blade) (Magic) 01Fire 5.44172 2*(1+0.6+0.267+0.25+0.1)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Quenching Bloodzerker (Zerker Blade) (Magic) 02Water 5.44172 2*(1+0.6+0.267+0.25+0.1)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Terra Bloodzerker (Zerker Blade) (Magic) 05Earth 5.44172 2*(1+0.6+0.267+0.25+0.1)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Voltaic Bloodzerker (Zerker Blade) (Magic) 06Energy 5.44172 2*(1+0.6+0.267+0.25+0.1)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Doom Knight (Darkness) 08Darkness 5.36793 2*(1+0.6)*1.67748
EBIL Knight 08Darkness 5.22476 2*(1+0.6)*1.63274
Grenwog Rider (Earth Form) 05Earth 5.17932 2*(1+0.3+0.1)*1.84976
Blazing Bloodzerker (Zerker Blade) (Melee) 01Fire 5.15454 2*(1+0.6+0.2+0.2+0.1)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Quenching Bloodzerker (Zerker Blade) (Melee) 02Water 5.15454 2*(1+0.6+0.2+0.2+0.1)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Terra Bloodzerker (Zerker Blade) (Melee) 05Earth 5.15454 2*(1+0.6+0.2+0.2+0.1)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Voltaic Bloodzerker (Zerker Blade) (Melee) 06Energy 5.15454 2*(1+0.6+0.2+0.2+0.1)*1.08*1.25/1.1
W.H.E.E.L 02Water 5.04291 2*(1+0.6)*1.57591
Llyr's Druid (Tides of War!) 02Water 4.94147 2*(1+0.3)*1.18*1.61065
Chimeran Armor 01Fire 4.90844 2*(1+0.6)*1.53389
Werewolf/Vampire Subrace (Blade of the Thornful Rose) 02Water 4.9 2*2*(1+0.6-0.25-0.125)
Werewolf/Vampire Subrace (Zabura's Hammer/Zakiya's Spear) (Melee/Ranged) 07Light 4.88636 2*2*(1+0.6-0.5/1.25-0.125)*1.25/1.1
Tinkerer 01Fire 4.83718 2*(1+0.6)*1.51162
Tinkerer 06Energy 4.83718 2*(1+0.6)*1.51162
Doom Knight (Fire) 01Fire 4.81235 2*(1+0.6)*1.50386
Werewolf/Vampire Subrace (Morningstar Cross) (Ranged) 07Light 4.7025 2*1.5*(1+0.6-0.05-0.125)*1.1
Angel of Souls 08Darkness 4.63909 2*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.05*1.25/1.1
Werepyre Subrace (Magic) 10Follows Weapon Element 4.54090 2*(1+0.6+0.25)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Legion Doomknight (Ice Armor) (Ice) (INT<=0) 04Ice 5.46412 2*(1+0.3+0.1875)*1.83668
War's Legacy/War Ascendant (Mayhem) 10Follows Weapon Element 4.41818 2*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Headless Horseman 01Fire 4.41818 2*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Human Fisher 02Water 4.41818 2*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Hand of Terra'Suul (Swordcicle) 04Ice 4.41818 2*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Samukematsuri Samurai 01Fire 4.41818 2*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Werepyre Subrace (Melee/Ranged) 10Follows Weapon Element 4.41818 2*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.25*(85/90)/1.1
Werewolf/Vampire Subrace (Morningstar Cross) (Magic) 07Light 4.29 2*1.5*(1+0.6-0.05-0.25)*1.1
Moglord Tortress (Fire Form) 02Water 4.256‬ 2*(1+0.6)*1.33
Ultimate Hunter Armor 05Earth 4.23007 2*(1+0.3+0.1)*1.51074
Legion Doomknight (Ice Armor) (Darkness) 08Darkness 4.19201 2*(1+0.3+0.09375)*1.50386
Cyber Shogun 06Energy 4.17272 2*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Werewolf/Vampire Subrace (Melee/Ranged) 10Follows Weapon Element 4.11136 2*(1+0.6+0.2-0.125)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Ebony Sepulchure Form (Average of 2 Turns) 08Darkness 4.07104 2*(1+0.6)*1.7663*(85/95)*0.805
Griffin Rider Mount (Unmounted) (Melee) 03Wind 4.06629 (1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.84071*1.25/1.1
Grave Rider Mount (Unmounted) (Melee) 04Ice 4.06629 (1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.84071*1.25/1.1
Ultimon's Armor 07Light 4.06549 2*(1+0.6)*1.25289*1.01403
Ultimon's Armor 08Darkness 4.06549 2*(1+0.6)*1.25289*1.01403
Samurai Warlord O-Yoroi 10Follows Weapon Element 3.97636 2*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.125/1.1
Werewolf/Vampire Subrace (Magic) 10Follows Weapon Element 3.92727 2*(1+0.6+0.25-0.25)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Drakath Fiend Form (Melee) 08Darkness 3.78074 (1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.71145*1.25/1.1
Cleric of Carnafex 01Fire 3.59775 2*(1+0.6)*1.25657*(85/95)
Cleric of Carnafex 04Ice 3.59775 2*(1+0.6)*1.25657*(85/95)
Griffin Rider Mount (Unmounted) (Magic) 03Wind 3.47329 0.75*(1+0.6*4/3+0.25)*1.08*1.84071*1.25/1.1
Grave Rider Mount (Unmounted) (Magic) 04Ice 3.47329 0.75*(1+0.6*4/3+0.25)*1.08*1.84071*1.25/1.1
Paragon Fiend Mount (Unmounted) (Melee) 06Energy 3.44125 (1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.55777*1.25/1.1
Drakath Fiend Form (Magic) 08Darkness 3.22938 0.75*(1+0.6*4/3+0.25)*1.08*1.71145*1.25/1.1
Frostgale's Legacy (Melee/Ranged) 04Ice 2.9955 (1+0.6)*1.1*1.87219/1.1
Paragon Fiend Mount (Unmounted) (Magic) 06Energy 2.93940 0.75*(1+0.6*4/3+0.25)*1.08*1.55777*1.25/1.1
Mutant King Form (Mutant King Club) (Magic) 05Earth 2.76363 (2*0.8 + 1.5*0.2)*(1+0.6)/1.1
Svadilfari's Oath (Melee) 06Energy 2.59126 0.9375‬*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.564/1.1
Ebony Sepulchure Form (vs Not Undead) 08Darkness 2.57917 2*(1+0.6)*1.7663*(85/95)*0.51
Frostgale's Legacy (Magic) 04Ice 2.52745 0.75*(1+0.6*4/3)*1.1*1.87219/1.1
Axemaster's Burden 10Follows Weapon Element 2.22013 2.01*(1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.25/1.1/2
Svadilfari's Oath (Magic) 06Energy 2.21337 0.9375*0.75*(1+0.6*4/3+0.25)*1.08*1.564/1.1
Fully-Offensive Armor + Bloodblade (Melee/Ranged) 10Follows Weapon Element 2.20909 (1+0.6+0.2)*1.08*1.25/1.1
Fully-Offensive Armor + Bloodblade (Magic) 10Follows Weapon Element 1.88693 0.75*(1+0.6*4/3+0.25)*1.08*1.25/1.1
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