These miscs are recommended for any Ranger build. If you are a Beastmaster Ranger you should generally take a look at the miscs offered in the the Beastmaster section as well. For Utility Miscs use this page.


Offensive Miscs

Blood Contract

The strongest misc for normal attacks and any non-spell typed skill. Multiplies your damage by *1.2 with anything but spells, and by *1.1 with Spells at the cost of taking increased damage.

Location: 7500 Z-Token Package

Info-Subs: Link

Spear/Bow Master Emblem

Weaker version of Blood Contract. Like all mastery emblems it provides a *1.19 multiplicative boost to Weapon Based attacks (e.g. clicking the attack button, using weapon based skills, etc.) when a weapon of a specific type is equipped, in this case Spears and Bows (the most common Ranger weapon types). Note that if you try to use the wrong weapon type or a spell, the emblem will unequip itself!

Location: Robina's Shop -> Basic/Advanced Shop

Info-Subs (Spear): Link

Info-Subs (Bow): Link - Click "Also see: Bow Master Emblem" to see Non-Guardian Versions

Irt of Osiris

One of the best misc items for most builds. Provides 40 STR and 50 END, and reduces incoming Light damage by 50%. Additionally, it provides +10 BtH to attacks and +5 BtH to SPells/spell-based skills.

Location: Mage Shop -> Mastercraft Sets -> Osiris Set

Info-Subs: Link

Murderator Gauntlet

A misc that increases your STR by 50, and your CHA by 30, as well as 31% chance of inflicting Control based on the damage dealt. Murderator Gauntlet is especially strong given the most recent changes to booster Pets/Guests as it effectively gives them 80 Stats to scale with. Additionally, the gauntlet can be a good substitute for Osiris if the additional accuracy/light defense isn't needed.

Location: Guardian Tower -> Nimrod -> Quests -> Arena of Enthusiasts! -> Moderators Challenge!

Info-Subs: Link

Grakma's Harbinger

Applying Breserk on you, which multiplies your damage by *1.2195 any source of attack (including spells) at the cost of receiving a penalty of -15.3 BtH, making it a superb spellcasting misc. Be warned though that the reduction in accuracy sometimes will yield worse results than having no misc at all so make sure you have a good accuracy before using it. For more detailed analysis visit this page.

Note: A nice interaction is that Grakma's Harbinger boosts your Auto-Hit spells as well, nullifying the accuracy penalty.

Location: Location: Travel Map -> Sail East -> Mt. Thrall -> Hollow's Garage -> I'm Here to Kick Some Demon Tail! -> Grakma Horn Misc Shop (After Finding 2 Horns)

Info-Subs: Link

Prime Chaos Orb (UR)

Every time you click on the misc two effects are attempted: 1. Element scramble, attempting to shuffle the enemy's defenses. 2. Lean: Applies a lean to the opponent the same way some armors apply to you. The lean gets stronger the more you click it. Clicking the misc however costs your inventory slots, replacing them randomly with a "Skip Turn" button and the misc is no longer usable once miscs are locked out. The first click is free. Fully-Offensive or pure characters will usually want to use this either for the element scramble, or for the one quick cast, as this effect only becomes efficient if the battle lasts longer than their usual battle.

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> UltraRare Shop Rare (May return next February during the GGB Extravaganza)

Info-Subs: Link

Defensive Miscs

Zfinity Gauntlet: Space

Comes with two skills.

  • Harden Space: Usable once per battle. Grants the player a +60 MRM "Shield" for 1 turn. This costs 235 SP
  • Soften Space: Usable once per turn. Grants the player a x0.5 All-Element EleShield for 1 turn. This costs 274 SP

Analysis: A good option for purely defensive characters. However, there are other sources of these effects without once per battle/turn limitations. Combining Geocastellum Robes and Edoc Imanok/Panoply (From Big Dictionary) can produce similar and potentially more powerful results.

Location: Limited-Time Shop Rare - This item returns periodically.

Info-Subs: Link

Info-Subs - Update: Link


A stronger version of Cyclop's Eye. You pay an additional SP cost per turn for a boost of +40 STR.

Location: Blarney -> Past Blarney Rewards

Info-Subs: Link

Cyclop's Eye

After being hit with an attack, once per turn, the misc sets itself to that element. All later attacks of that element during that turn deal -40% damage. This allows for an inventory efficient defensive setup.

Location: Travel Map -> Sail East -> Travel South -> Legends of Lore:Cyclops Day

Info-Subs: Link

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