This list of items is comprised of what's generally considered meta. Items are ordered by our personal ranking, with the best option for each element listed first. (Outliers being compression items, that are ordered by element)



Spear of Awe

As a guardian, you can replace your Guardian Spear no-drop with the Spear of Awe. This requires you to collect the 5 pieces of the Blade of Awe (guide found here). By default, the Blade of Awe is a 10% proc Earth Melee weapon with a range of different specials, but the weapon element can be changed at the Guardian Tower by speaking to Nimrod, and damage type and weapon special can be changed by Valencia through the Awe Item Exchange and Align Weapon Special menus by visiting Valencia privately.

You'll most likely switch your Blade of Awe to the Spear of Awe for Ranged damage, but the element you choose will depend on any gaps you have in your active inventory, and/or personal preference. For rangers, changing the element to Wind or Energy, or keeping it as Earth, is recommended due to the lack of non-rare options in those elements, but keep in mind that aligning the Spear of Awe to an element will also align your no-drop armour and shield the same way.

More recently, the Awe weapon specials were updated, most importantly the ability to align the weapon special so that only that a specific special happens. If no alignment choice is made, the weapons trigger in a weighted random fashion as normal. Below are brief descriptions of each of the specials and what happens if they are aligned.

Standard Specials -

  • Spiral Carve: Standard Special. If aligned, deals +25% damage.
  • Awe Blast: Auto-Hits and deals *0.85 damage to compensate. If aligned, deals +25% damage.
  • Health Vampire: When below 75% HP, does *0.5 damage and heals for damage dealt divided by the monster's awe-element resist. If aligned, heals for 150% of damage dealt divided by the monster's awe-element resist. When above 75% HP, does regular Spiral Carve instead.
  • Mana Vampire: Deals *3/8 damage, and heals 653 MP (at lvl 150). If aligned, heals 914.2 MP (at lvl 150). When above 75% MP, does regular Spiral Carve instead.
  • Soul Vampire: Deals *3/8 damage, and heals 490 SP (at lvl 150). If aligned, heals 686 SP (at lvl 150). When above 75% SP, does regular Spiral Carve instead.

Non-Standard Specials -

  • Guardian Dragon: Against standard monsters of your level, this will deal 17% of their HP as Harm damage. Additionally, this special has a small chance to instead summon Guardian Dragon Jr. who deals the same percentage to the monster's base element, if this resist is 50% or below the Guardian Dragon is summoned as well. If aligned, changes your special proc chance to 16% but is otherwise the same.
  • Power Word Die: Summons The Reaper who instantly kill 95% of monsters in the game. If aligned, changes your special proc chance to 4% but is otherwise the same.

Additionally, you can upgrade the Spear of Awe to the Spear of Awe!!!. The upgrade is bought from the Golden Giftbox Shop of Awesome!!! accessed through Golden Giftboxes, and increases the power level of the weapon your current level, rather than (your level - 5). The damage increase is extremely small, so don't stress saving up Z-Tokens to open Golden Giftboxes just for this.

Location: Valencia -> Visit Grumbugly -> Awe Equipment! -> The Blade of Awe!

Info-Subs: Link

Awe!!! Info-Subs: Link


Custom Weapon

Guardians get access to the custom weapon from the Guardian Tower. Use for Water if you don't have Lance of the Rose's Thorn, or Earth if you don't yet have Grand Lotus Spear (or dislike specials).

Hilt - This determines the element. Choose Rock if you wish it to be Earth.

Handle - Accuracy lean. Choose Puissant if you have 250 DEX, Normal if you have 200 DEX, and Perfect if you have anything below that.

Gem - You want Flashing for the no-proc bonus.

Location: Guardian Tower -> Armory -> Treasury -> War Room -> Speak to Logan -> War Room Mission!

Info-Subs: Link


Fireheart Vanguard

The strongest Fire spear in terms of damage, paying 15% melee in HP (52 at level 150) to deal +20% damage.

Location: Harvest Fest: Waning of Pestilence

Info-Subs: Link

Cozy Spear

Cozy Spear was available during Frostval 2016, though it's permanently rare now. It's the best option below Titan Slayer, and the best option overall if you prefer effects over raw power. Its special attack, which occurs 20% of the time, can put the monster to sleep.

Location: None

Info-Subs: Link

Unstoppable Grakma Flayer

A good option for those waiting for Fireheart Vanguard to come back around with Harvest Fest. It's 0% proc, and if it misses, then at the end of your turn the weapon performs an additional attack whose power depends on the number of previous hits that missed.

Location: Mt. Thrall -> Hollow's Garage -> I'm here to kick some demon tail!

Info subs: Link


Lance of the Rose's Thorn

Recommended for the same reason as Zakiya's Spear in the Light section below, but deals slightly less damage. However, due to the lack of Water options compared to Light, you may find it easier to fit this weapon over Zakiya's Spear for use with Bloodzerker armours. For those who don't want to use the Bloodzerker combo, one of the other Water options below are recommended.

Location: Void Takeover: Keyote the Heartcrusher. See here.

Info-Subs: Link

Pumpkin Reaver

Pumpkin Reaver is a nice option that returns every year during Mogloween. It has a -3 BTH lean and no special, but every attack has a 50% chance of gaining +8.5 BTH.

Location: Mogloween: The Grand Pumpkin

Info-Subs: Link

Perfect Pike Pike

By far the best option for Beastmaster builds with low LUK, as instead of using LUK for crits, it uses CHA. In addition, it functions in a similar way to Thrale's Scorn; it's 10% proc and deals 25% greater damage. but the monster has a chance to do +20.292% more damage to you.

Location: Warlic's Shop -> Mastercraft Sets -> Dessert Set

Info-Subs: Link


Haunted Dragonlord's Charge

A no-proc Wind spear whose mastercraft bonus goes into healing the player's SP at the end of your turn, based on the number of hits you landed during that turn. This gives it strong synergy with the Werewolf Transformation's Beast Form skill (making you attempt 4 hits when attacking), and can allow you to upkeep additional SP costs like guests, misc items, stat drives (from Chieftain's IronThorn or Werewolf Transformation) etc..

Location: Warlic's Shop -> Mastercraft Sets -> Dragonlord Set (Part 2: Inner Keep)

Info-Subs: Link

Long Talon Glaive

This weapon was only available from the Frostval 2016 Giftboxes, so it's permanently rare now. However, it's best ranged wind weapon in the game for pure damage. It's 0% proc, and you can boost its damage by a maximum of 20% through the use of Murderkillosity, which is gained by killing monsters while wearing pieces of the Windter Warrior set.

Location: None

Info-Subs: Link

Airenal's Lance

Another great option, and though it's generally inferior to the above options as a weapon due to being a standard 20% proc spear, you can click it to equip Lord of the Skies: a fantastic 3-hit FO wind armor with a very powerful skill.

Location: 20000 Z-Token package

Weapon Info-Subs: Link

Armor Info-Subs: Link


Shattershard Glaive

A 20-proc spear with a bloodcost, similar to the Bloodzerker melee/magic weapons. It pays up to 22 HP per turn, and deals +20% damage, making it the strongest Ice option currently available, and among the strongest ranged weapons in the game.

Location: Mage Shop -> Mastercraft Sets -> Frostgale Set (Part 1)

Info-Subs: [TBD]

Carnafex Spear

No-proc spear that can toggle between dealing Fire or Ice.

Location: Stonerule -> Riona -> War of the Giants -> Part 4

Info-Subs: Link


Grand Lotus Spear

The Special heals you. It takes -(1/2) healing damage, and during your next turn you gain +100% damage and +10 BTH lean to normal player attacks. If the Special happens twice in a row, then the effect doesn't apply to the second Special but instead carries over and stacks.

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> Rare Shop

Info-Subs: Link

Fatal Chimeran Spear

This is the best non-rare option for those who can't buy GGBs. It's a decent 20% proc weapon with a +3 BTH lean, and against poisoned monsters it deals 10% more damage. In addition, when used with the armor and shield of the set, every attack has a small chance of paralyzing the monster.

Location: Warlic's Shop -> Mastercraft Sets -> Chimeran Set

Info-Subs: Link


Thunder Lord's Spear

Ranged no-procs spear that toggles between two modes: One pays some HP to inflict Burn on the opponent, while the other has a damage penalty in exchange for never missing.

Location: Frostval -> Decorate The Tree

Info-Subs: Link

Star Screamer

The best non-rare / non-seasonal options available. It's a 0% proc weapon that can freely switch between melee, magic and ranged when clicked, gets a +3 BTH lean in ranged form

Location: Today's Event -> WarpForce Crossover -> WarpWars

Info-Subs: Link

Thunderpoint Spear

Ranged spear, has a +3 BtH lean, a 0.33 random lean and has a 20-proc special. MC is funneled into the special. Special is 2-hits and has a high chance to paralyze for 1 or more turns. If used with Umazen Aspis, the paralyze base chance is doubled.

This is a decent option for those that don't have Thunder Lord's Spear and don't want to use the fairly plain Star Screamer.

Location: Yulgar's Inn -> Go To Lounge -> Sage Uldor -> Burning Solstice -> War Begets War: Umazen Uprising -> The Umazen Stirs

Info-Subs: Link


Zealot's Wrath

The best Light weapon in the game, and arguably one of the best weapons ever released for any element.

Light weapon with Melee/Ranged/Magic modes. Ranged mode has a +5 BTH lean. Has the *1.08 multiplicative no-proc bonus.

Flavor Effect: You deal +15% additive damage and take +(MagMod*15/1.4)% additive damage, where MagMod is 1 for Melee/Ranged and 0.75 for Magic, i.e. +10.714% damage taken in Melee/Ranged mode and +8.035% damage taken in Magic Mode.

MC: Each form of the weapon has a different Lucky Strike boosting MC.

  • Melee: Lucky Strikes deal *1.5 damage
  • Ranged: Lucky Strikes occur *1.5 as often
  • Magic: Lucky Strikes deal ~*1.2247 damage and occur ~*1.2247 as often

Location: 2500 Z-Token package

Info-Subs: Link

Nerf Info-Subs: Link.

Zakiya's Spear

While it's a proc weapon, it has a built in skill that deals a lot of damage, and attempts to blind the opponent. On top of that, the skills is affected by the Bloodzerker Armor skill, meaning your damage is doubled over the skill, making it the one of the strongest Fire nukes in the game.

Location: Granemor -> Right Arrow -> Click on the Graveyard (Fight a couple of battles) -> Click on the statue -> Return to Order

Info-Subs: Link

Alchemical Unity

This Ranged/Magic 0-proc Light weapon that starts off with a -5 BtH lean. As its MC it can be toggled between dealing +7.5% damage to blinded enemies and dealing -25% damage to attempt to inflict a potent damage scaling blind effect to the enemy. While this weapon doesn't have raw power, its blind effect can very easily significantly lower a monster's accuracy.

Location: Blarney -> 2020 Event

Info subs: Link

Greater Bright Glaive of Victory

This is one of the best non-premium options for raw damage. It has no special, and its MC makes it deal an additional +5% damage.

Location: Warlic's Shop -> Quests -> Blades of Victory

Info-Subs: Link


Agony's Embrace

The strongest Darkness weapon in the game, hands down.

Darkness Sword/Glaive with Melee/Ranged/Magic modes. Has the *1.08 multiplicative no-proc bonus.

Flavor Effect: You deal +15% additive damage and take +10.714% damage in Melee/Ranged mode, or +8.035% damage in Magic Mode.

MC: Increases damage dealt based on missing HP by +(1-(CurrentHP/MaxHP))*10%. This means that at 75% HP it provides a +2.5% boost, and at 50% HP it provides a +5% boost, and so on.

Items like Essence Orb can help players better use Agony's MC as most nuking metas revolve around the player not taking damage from enemies, which can nullify MC's value. Also note that there are stronger items to spend an UltraRare giftbox on, so you should only prioritize this after you've acquired the Thernda guest and the Bloodzerker armours you want.

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> UltraRare Shop

Info-Subs: Link

Terror Eater

While mages are better off using the full Terror set, most warriors will use the Werewolf subrace, making the armor unnecessary. You can click the handle to Eat Fear, which removes your opponent's Fear status to unleash a massively powerful attack, and by stacking Fear through Werewolf's Snarl skill, Eat Fear can do some absolutely mind-numbing damage.

Location: Travel Map -> Terror Set

Info-Subs: Link

Greater Dark Glaive of Victory

A darkness element reskin of the Greater Bright Glaive of Victory, and one of the best options available to free to play characters, with a simple +5% damage MC. Do note that the max level of the item for adventurer characters is 130, so one of the other options (like Reaper of Souls) would be better.

Location: Warlic's Shop -> Quests -> Blades of Victory

Info-Subs: Link

Reaper of Souls

A phenomenal darkness ranged weapon, especially when used with the armor and shield of the set. It's a 20% proc scythe with a -3 BTH lean and a damage range of 21-43. When the special occurs, you deal 12.5% more damage in the following 2 turns, and with multiple consecutive procs, this effect will stack. In addition, when used as part of the full set, you pay 30 HP per turn to get a massive 30% damage boost, in a similar manner to Hydromancer's Bloodblade.

Location: Death's Domain -> Retrieve 100 hourglasses

Info-Subs: Link

Reaver of Nulgath

Like Pike Pike, Reaver of Nulgath is the best option for Beastmaster builds with low LUK; it's a 20% proc weapon with a -3 BTH lean, and instead of using your LUK stat for crits, it uses CHA. Unlike Pike Pike however, it has no base damage bonus.

Location:Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> Rare Shop

Info-Subs: Link

ShadowWalker's Scythe of Time

If you use the ShadowWalker of Time armor and shield, you may want to consider using the weapon too. The scythe is a 0% proc weapon with a damage range of 21-43, and at the end of every turn, you have an 8.5% chance of gaining Celerity, allowing you to attack twice. When used with the armor and shield, this chance is doubled.

Location: Buy Heromart Calendar 2017 "Year of Adventure" -> Redeem code in Master Account

Info-Subs: Link


Void Spear of War

If you need harm damage you might want to consider this weapon. Ranged/Magic Toggle, +3 BTH lean 0 proc weapon with a MC that compensates for the damage penalty for being harm, meaning that it deals -5% damage rather than the usual -10%. Also gains the standard 0 proc damage boost.

Location Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> Rare Shop

Info-Subs: Link

Gloom Glaive

A 10% proc Earth spear whose special has a +10 BTH lean. Clicking on the weapon will make it swap between dealing Earth and Harm damage, the latter costing 39 SP per turn at level 150.

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> Rare Shop

Info-Subs: Link


Rainbow Raygun

This weapon attempts to switch the monster's elements randomly each turn. You can use it to help cover an element you're missing or to take advantage of a skill or effect that is element locked but it will rely heavily on RNG. Click the back of the gun to switch to scrambler mode and this must be done every turn. Click the front of the gun to switch between magic and ranged damage types.

Location: Battleon -> Rip in the Sky -> Second door on the right -> Adder's forge -> What do you have for sale?

Info-Subs: Link

Dragonslayer's Zeal

Ranged Spear. 0-proc (gets the *1.08 no-proc bonus), has a +3 BtH lean, a 0.666 random damage range lean.

MC: When fighting Drakels/Dragonkin/Dragons the weapon auto-hits and deals *0.8 damage to compensate for this. Dragonslayer's Zeal deals additional damage based on which Drakels/Dragonkin/Dragons are being fought.

  • Non-Fire Drakel or Dragonkin: +5% Damage or 84% of normal damage.
  • Fire Drakel or Dragonkin / Non-Fire Dragon: +7.5% Damage or 86% of normal damage.
  • Fire Dragon: +15% Damage or 92% of normal damage

While not necessarily practical for everyday use, Dragonslayer's Zeal can be exceptionally useful when fighting dragons, especially at higher levels as that tend to have high MRM.

Location: Yulgar's Inn -> The Devourer Saga -> 7: Dragonstone

Info-Subs: Link


Ultimate Dragon Scythe of Elements (All Elements)

A nice option for those who prefer to carry an inventory full of utility weapons. It compresses all 8 elements, and you can select one by clicking on the corresponding orb; you can also swap between melee, ranged and magic by clicking the blade. It has no special and has a -3 BTH lean. However, it has a 15% damage penalty, and you take more damage when using it (about +10.71% in melee/ranged form, and +8.03% in magic form).

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> UltraRare Shop Rare (May return next February during the GGB Extravaganza)

Info-Subs: Link

Carnafex Spear (Fire/Ice)

No-proc spear that can toggle between dealing Fire or Ice damage.

Location: Stonerule -> Riona -> War of the Giants -> Part 4

Info-Subs: Link

Maple Piercer (Fire/Earth)

A 20-proc spear that can swap between Fire and Earth. Nothing noteworthy otherwise.

Location: Travel map -> Frostvale -> To Frostvale! -> Chilly's Shop

Info-Subs: Link

Time-Twisted Eye of Carnax (Fire/Energy)

A 10-proc spear that can swap between Fire and Energy. Nothing noteworthy otherwise.

Location: Battleon -> Twilly -> Anniversary Events -> Rise of the Shadow Council

Info-Subs: Link

Amazonian Ruler (Water/Light)

A no-proc Melee/Magic/Ranged Sword/Spear/Staff that can swap between Water and Light.

Location: None

Info-Subs: Link

Grenwog Lance (Wind/Earth)

A 20-proc spear that switches between Wind and Earth. Nothing noteworthy otherwise.

Location: Valencia -- > Golden Giftboxes --> Rare Shop

Info-Subs: Link

Elightus (Earth/Energy)

A no-proc Melee/Magic/Ranged Sword/Spear/Staff that deals +5% damage if worn with the shield from the same package, and can swap between Melee and Ranged.

Location: 12000 Z-Tokens Package

Info-Subs: Link

Star Spear (Energy/Darkness)

+3 BTH lean weapon with no special that can swap between dealing energy and darkness, returns every year on May 4th.

Location: Limited-Time Items

Info-Subs: Link

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