Power leveling requires the Annihilator Mage build-path, training in both Mage Class and Wizard Class to Class Level 10, until level 150, and then un-training and training again your stats to your desired build.

Starting level 45, Warriors can follow the same guide, using STR instead of INT, and Kindred armor + Weapon instead of the Mage specific equipment.

Recommended Stats per level

Since for most of the early levels this build is dependent on how much gold you get from Ballyhoo, you will often not have enough Gold to follow through with the required stats. In this case, invest in DEX and un-train it as you get enough gold to transfer some points into the required stat.
10 0 0 50 0 0 0
14 0 0 65 0 0 0
20 0 0 65 0 0 0
26 0 0 65* 0 0 0
30 0 0 80 0 0 0
40 0 0 190 10 0 0
50 0 0 200 10 0 40**
60 0 0 250 10 0 40
70 0 0 250 60 0 40
80 0 0 250 60 0 90
90 0 0 250 60 0 140
100 0 0 250 60 0 190
110 0 40 250 10*** 0 250
120 0 90 250 10 0 250
130 0 140 250 10 0 250
140 0 190 250 10 0 250
150 0 250 250 0**** 0 250

* - You're probably not going to have enough gold the first time around, and you'll have to make up for it later through Ballyhoo and the occasional gold.

** - You want LUK to be able to start against Nerfkitten & Shadow Roc which is going to make life a lot easier. At 150 LUK you will always start against Nerfkitten, and at 250 LUK you will start against Shadow Roc most of the time.

*** - At this point you should probably be comfortably beating the Roc, and won't need the END any longer.

**** - Transition into a classic Mage build.

Level 1- 9: Questing For Items & Burning Solstice: The Answer

Level 1

Grab whatever gear Yulgar at the Inn has available and grab Destruction Burst:

Go to: Travel Map » Dragonspine » 23: Diamonds & Explosions, finish the quest and make sure you buy Destruction Burst.

In a similar fashion to the Farming Locations guide, you don't really have any choice at this range of levels.

Levels 2-9

Go to: Yulgars Inn » Go to lounge » Sage Uldor » Burning Solstice » The Answer, make sure you fight as War and, and it doesn't matter how many waves you choose as all options are one wave. Repeat this quest as many times as necessary to get to level 9.

Level 10-14: Mage Class

Level up your Mage Class to at least level 1, but attempt to go as high as possible, until you reach level 15.

For this you're going to need a lot of potions so see the Potion Gathering section about Burning Solstice for further info.

Level 15-25: Sizzler (3948 EXP)

Location: Mage Shop -> Mastercraft Sets -> Geocastellum Set -> Intro Quest

Essential Items

  • Mage Robes (Class Level ≥ 1)


Go forward with the quest until you meet a Sizzler, and use your Mage Robes' Skill Elemental Sphere (choose Wind) to kill it.

The first time you go through the quest, don't quit it, instead finish it Saving Barry and get the Sizzler's Splosion spell.

Level 26-50: Drakath the Undead Dragon (2,423 EXP / 31,029 EXP)

Location: Battleon->Travel Map->Zorbak's hideout->Twilly vs Zorbak->pretend like you failed the roll

Essential Items

  • Destruction Burst
  • Pyromancer's Robes
  • Darkness Shield
  • Liquid Courage


Stock up SP and spam him with Destruction Burst, when below 200 health take a health potion, and when you run out of mana take a mana potion. Potion Locations are a good way of stocking up on potions for both adventurers and guardians. Upgrade (By using the Item Upgrader) your items as you level up, but don't go over level 35 Catcher's Mask. At level 50 he will level up from 65 to 100, but just keep using the same strategy.

By level 50 you should attempt to have your Wizard Class at level 10. At least level 9 is required for Nerfkitten Scion.

Level 51-79: Nerfkitten Scion (731,357 EXP)

Location: Your House -> Visit Neighbor -> 85391907 -> Specific Neighbor

Essential Items

  • Geomancer's Robes
  • Earth Magestaff
  • Fire Shield (From Yulgar)


Important: If you don't go first, the Nerfkitten will do a lot of damage and you will not have enough MP to cast your spell. You therefore want to flee the battle until you go first. If for some reason you don't have the required stats, see the note below.

This may take a few tries, but will be generally faster than Drakath at this level.

Stock up SP and use Geomancer's Robes' Sinkhole while Imbued with Lore as long as you have MP and Geomancer's Robes' Boulderblast when you run out. Mage sure to swap from the Earth Magestaff when you use Boulderblast or the weapon's special might occur instead. This may take several attempts, but you will cap out immediately after 1 Scion every time.

Important: Nerfkitten Scion puts you way above the experience cap, so to maximize leveling, battle a few low level monsters until you stop leveling up before defeating it again the day after you cap.

Additional Note: If you lack the gold to get the required stat points, invest the remaining points in DEX and untrain them as you get more gold. Meanwhile, instead of farming Nerfkitten Scion, farm the regular Nerfkitten: Your House -> Visit Neighbor -> 52073788 -> Specific Neighbor

Level 80-150: Shadow Roc (3,220,000 EXP)

Location: Your House -> Visit Neighbor -> 35950899 -> Specific Neighbor

Essential Items

  • Geomancer's Robes
  • Sizzlers' 'Splosion
  • Luminous Shield (SeekRat: The Breaking Point)
  • Liquid Courage
  • Evening Concealment (Twilight Set Armor)


Equip Liquid Courage at the start of the battle.

For lower levels (below 105) you would want to tank his special attack. When his SP bar is glowing switch to Evening Concealment and drink a Mana Potion.

Dying occasionally is expected. If you do, just try again.

Otherwise, use Geomancer's Robes Imbue with Lore, and 2-3 casts of Sizzler should kill it. Again, upgrade items when possible.

Important: Just like Nerfkitten Scion, Shadow Roc puts you way above the experience cap, so to maximize leveling, battle a few low level monsters until you stop leveling up before defeating it again the day after you cap.

Gold Issues

During leveling you might have insufficient Gold to follow the stat regiment, and at the top level you might not have enough to get all the equipment you want.

For the first point, while fighting Nerfkitten Scion, invest the extra points in DEX while you're still lacking gold for INT and delay starting it by a couple of levels (55-60 instead of 50). For Shadow Roc, slowly untrain your DEX into your LUK as you get more gold.

For the second point, it's okay to use level 135 equipment temporarily while you work your way through getting enough gold for the level 150 equipment.

Potion Gathering

See this section on info how to get more potions: Potion Gathering.

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