March 23rd 2020

  • New status icons!
  • Fixed some bugs with Freeze statuses when applied to the player.
  • Cleaned up some of the code around starting/ending pet+guest turns.
  • Code cleanup behind the scenes.

November 14th 2019

  • Cap'n did some boring behind-the-scenes stuff.
  • Added the ability for us to scale monsters' level to whatever we want, so that we don't have to make nine copies for all different tiers. Now we just need one tier and it'll scale properly!

August 22nd 2019

  • Wars can now be set to disable packs so that you only fight single mobs. (This change is on the developer side. There is no such toggle for players)
  • Fixed an issue where "piña colada" would appear as "pia colada".

March 28th 2019

  • Fixed some bugs with the new options not saving properly.
  • Old graphics for clovers when using old art.

March 2nd 2019

Fixed a bug where, if you started a battle against a pack monster without the "Ready Inv Before Battle" option on, the game would softlock.

February 28th 2019

  • There's a new option to toggle on old sounds and damage icons. 
  • When logging in, it'll load your armour only after it finishes loading the status system, balance engine, etc. This should help prevent bugs like "Bloodzerker is killing me because it's costing  HP because it loaded before the balance engine did".

January 18th 2019

Updated weapon special standards: 

SBR = (1+10/PROC)*(1+0.03*PowLvl)*(1+MIN(2*PowLvl+30, 5*PowLvl, 250)*(1+0.066*PowLvl)/16/(0.00375*PowLvl^2+0.5625*PowLvl+5.25)) 

SBTH = PowLvl/4 + MIN(0.2*PowLvl+1.6, 25) 

0	1.5	1.6		80	10.222	37.6
5	2.165	3.9		85	10.814	39.9
10	2.849	6.1		90	11.411	42.1
15	3.292	8.4		95	12.014	44.4
20	3.753	10.6		100	12.621	46.6
25	4.231	12.9		105	13.233	48.9
30	4.723	15.1		110	13.85	51.1
35	5.229	17.4		115	14.17	53.4
40	5.747	19.6		120	14.487	55
45	6.276	21.9		125	14.801	56.3
50	6.815	24.1		130	15.112	57.5
55	7.363	26.4		135	15.419	58.8
60	7.92	28.6		140	15.724	60
65	8.485	30.9		145	16.026	61.3
70	9.057	33.1		150	16.325	62.5
75	9.637	35.4		153	16.504	63.3

Pretty much all weapons released in 2018 have been updated to use these new numbers.

January 15th 2019

Game Engine Ver 44

Stats can now be trained to 250! 
Right now combat stat bonuses are the same as before. We're looking at ways to adjust things, so we're not rolling out any changes yet. 

Expected Stats
We've updated stat assumptions for items that use your expected stat like Poelala: 

Primary: =MAX(MIN(MROUND(2 * Level + 30, 5), 5 * Level, 250), 10) 
Secondary: =MAX(MIN(MROUND(4 * Level + 32 - Primary, 5), 5 * Level - Primary, 250), 0) 
Tertiary: =MAX(5 * Level - Primary - Secondary, 0) 

And we've updated max MP to encourage you to train your INT: 

Max MP: =4.1 * (33 + (5.1 + 2.3375 * Level + 0.01125 * Level^2) * MIN(1, INT / MAX(MIN(2 * Level + 4, 250), 10))) 

Poelala and Friends 
We still feel like Poelala, Dunamis, and Thernda are too powerful. Them being able to fully replace CHA with your stat of choice makes them almost always the best choice for non-BM builds. To help curb them ack, hey now use (75% of MainStat + 25% of CHA) instead of your MainStat. 

Weapon Specials 
We decided to tweak 100proc weapons, because who uses bows, anyway? While we're there, 0proc weapons got some love too: 
#0proc weapons have gone from +9% additive damage to *1.08 multiplicative damage 
#100proc weapons with a proper "special" special have gone from -10% additive damage to *1 multiplicative damage (no penalty/no bonus) 
#100proc weapons without a proper "special" special have gone from +2% additive damage to *1.1 multiplicative damage. 

This has been retroactively applied to all weapons that came after the balance engine introduction. 

Bug Fixes 
Just some odds and ends to round out the week ^^ 
# Imbue should work properly 
# Boosters that boost normal player attacks (like Poelala) will only give a Melee-level boost to weapon-based skills (anything that's a normal player attack and has its stat bonuses doubled). 
## Example: If Poelala gives a +32% boost to Magic weapons and Dunamis gives +24% with a similar setup, then they'll both give 24% on weapon-based skills. 
# Fixed some graphics bugs on Cleric of Carnafax, Spark of Serenia, and Geocastellum armours. 
# Fixing some technical bugs with Bloodzerker and Spectral Chains

Stat Rolls
I've removed the 200 stat cap from status system saving throws. Before, having to compete with a monster's 275 stat with your 200 was a bit unfair, but now there's not much of a difference between your 250 and the monster's 275.

January 11th 2019

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Lucky Strike damage from displaying correct color. 
  • Updated the Tutorial to include information for all shops in BattleOn. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused display issues with the hood and player face on Cleric of Carnafex and Light Cleric Armors. 
  • Fixed a graphical glitch on the forearm of the Geocastellum Armor. 
  • Fixed a graphical glitch on the body of the Spark of Serenity Armor.

July 19th 2018

  • Fixed the heads on the Kindred, Necragon, and Giant's Might armours. 
  • The temp Dragonrider armour from the Great Fire War time scroll is now properly tagged as a rider armour. 
  • The Morningstar Emblem accessory now properly reduces Earth damage. 
  • The boss rush in the Morningstar quest now properly saves between login sessions. 
  • Updated the Black Dragon Rider armour in the Guardian Tower stables with brand new art and stats. 
  • Made the Radiant Warhorse armour tier properly and not just give out the 150G version.

August 3rd 2017


  New graphics for display numbers  

New graphics and animations for Miss and Lucky strike 


Updated versions of all Treasure Chests  

Updated version of Treasure Chest? mob  

Updated version of flibbitygibbit mob  

Frogzard and Windzard have new art 


Artix and Rhubarb guests have their position onscreen adjusted as well as minor graphic tweaks 


 Leprechaun display head is now correctly centered 

Updated display head file for Zzott 

New display head file for Anti Guardian 

Corrected Corpsicle using wrong display head

April 24th 2017

Game Engine Ver 40

  • Various art updates
  • All sounds have been updated 
  • Pets can now do Lucky Strikes. They gain +LUK/5 stat damage 10% of the time. 
  • Player stats are now capped at -200 <= stat <= 500. (Previously, it was -95 <= stat <= 402.)

February 25th 2017

Game Engine Ver 39.31

v39.31 (to be rolled live ~soon)  # Cleaned up some messy code that was causing variable name collision

February 24th 2017

Game Engine Ver 39.3

# Fixed a bug with Disease, and expanded to to allow for MP and SP Diseases.  # Battles should save faster if you're logged in for a long time.  # Included a "No LS damage multiplier" for stuff like efficient spells.  # Completely re-wrote the way that elements are handled, so that (a) Freeze and friends went down by like 16 lines of code each, which I'm super proud of :D and (b) element-seeking items can now include the Freeze bonus in their seeking AI. (Well, future element-seeking items.)  # Damage cap increased to 32,767  # You can now switch inventory outside of battle, (a) just in case some bulky equipment is blocking a cutscene or (b) if you encounter one of those old-style traps that deals elemental damage.

March 27th 2015

Game Engine Ver 39.2

1) Player HP and monster damage has been multiplied by *1/1.4.  This is just to make healing effects relatively more effective. 

2) Potion revamp!  ## Drinking a red potion heals you 2*0.85*((10.5 + 1.125*Level + 0.0075*Level^2) + (1 + 0.066*Level)*END/16) HP, with a 10% chance of that END/16 being replaced by END/16 + LUK*3/16.  ## Drinking a blue potion heals 2*0.8*(38.1 + 2.3375*Level + 0.01125*Level^2) MP.  ## Guardians heal *1.05 of the listed amounts.  ## The option to double-drink potions has been removed, for now at least. It may return in the future. 

Now, drinking one potion should heal about two rounds of damage. Maybe more, based on Update #1. 

3) Monster SP bar now glows when the monster is going to use its skill on the next round.  ## The "should I glow?" AI is based off a copy of the code we've been using for monsters for the past ~4 years, so it probably won't work on monsters older than that. 

December 7th 2014

Special values are now

SBR: (1+10/proc)*(1+0.03*PowLvl)*(1+MIN(2.1462*PowLvl+10.399;200)*(1+0.066*PowLvl)/16/(0.00375*PowLvl^2+0.5625*PowLvl+5.25))

SLS: (1 + PowLvl*0.066)*(1+10/proc)

November 20th 2014

Game Engine Ver 39

  • HP sweep! Your HP should be a LOT higher now. Monsters deal a bit more damage to compensate. 
  • MP sweep! Now your MP only rises if you train your INT. 
  • SP Sweep! SP regeneration has been greatly increased, and you now have a higher max SP. 
  • Guardians recover slightly more SP per turn. 
  • Changes to stat formulas: 
    • Melee BtH becomes STR*(3/40) + DEX*(3/40) + LUK/40 
    • Ranged BtH becomes DEX*(3/20) + LUK/40 
    • Magic BtH becomes INT*(3/40) + DEX*(3/40) + LUK/40 
    • Pet/Guest BtH becomes CHA*(3/40) + DEX*(3/40) + LUK/40 
    • Blocking becomes DEX/8 + LUK/40 
    • Lucky Strike damage becomes LUK*(3/8) 
  • Moved some things (damage multipliers, BTH leans, damage boosts based on proc) engine-side to simplify things. 
  • Player attacks and weapon specials now do *1/1.1 damage, to bring it in line with spell damage. (Weapons were dealing 110% damage, because of specials, when all other treated them as a baseline of 100%. This restores them to the intended baseline.)

June 14th 2013

Game Engine Ver 37.7

Stat damage now has a narrower range. Instead of a random number from 0 to DAMAGE, you now have a random number from DAMAGE/4 to DAMAGE*3/4.  Future guest-summoning spells may not always take a turn.  Game quality is now saved between logins.  Damage is rounded more accurately. If you somehow have an attack that always does 10.2 damage, then on average you'll do 10.2 damage. (Stochastic rounding) Halved the bonus from END, so that 200 END doubles HP (instead of triples it).  You now gain 5.5 MP/level instead of 5. This allows Lv150 players to cast Lv150 spells.  Base SP is now 100+5*Level instead of 50+5*Level. Regeneration remains unchanged.

November 15th 2012

These new armours are using an entirely different setup, namely, they both share the exact same elemental resists and Melee/Ranged/Magic defences. The difference in the two, is that the Offensive Test Armour deals 125% damage with its armour attack, and also TAKES 125% damage from all normal elements (Harm/Void/Heal are excluded). The Defensive Test Armour is a similar setup, except it deals 80% damage with its armour attack, and takes 80% damage as well. The numbers you see below are true for both versions of the armours. The ones on the left in the B/R and Stat damage rows are for the Defensive armour, and the ones on the right are for the Offensive armour. 

Level	5	25	45	65	85	105	125	145
B/R	92/144	140/219	188/294	236/369	284/444	332/519	380/594	428/669
Stat	106/166	212/331	318/496	423/661	529/826	634/991	740/1156	846/1321
BtH	0	3	5	8	10	13	15	18
Fire	98	95	94	90	86	84	81	79
Water	97	90	84	81	78	76	74	71
Ice	96	87	79	74	70	67	65	62
Wind	93	85	75	65	58	51	45	41
Earth	100	98	97	95	92	90	89	85
Energy	97	90	84	81	78	76	74	71
Light	96	87	79	74	70	67	65	62
Dark	98	95	94	90	86	84	81	79
Fire	-2	-5	-6	-10	-14	-16	-19	-21
Water	-3	-10	-16	-19	-22	-24	-26	-29
Ice	-4	-13	-21	-26	-30	-33	-35	-38
Wind	-7	-15	-25	-35	-42	-49	-55	-59
Earth	0	-2	-3	-5	-8	-10	-11	-15
Energy	-3	-10	-16	-19	-22	-24	-26	-29
Light	-4	-13	-21	-26	-30	-33	-38	-38
Dark	-2	-5	-6	-10	-14	-16	-19	-21
Melee	26	29	32	36	39	42	46	49
Ranged	26	29	32	36	39	42	46	49
Magic	26	29	32	36	39	42	46	49

January 6th 2012

This is just a notification that we fixed a previous bug with packs half-winning initiative so that you'd have the menu while it was the monsters turn. This has now been fixed. I've also removed the bit where generic packs usually automatically lost initiative (so packs no longer temporarily get -1001 Luck). You will need to log out and in again to fully receive this update.

January 3rd 2012

So, we decided to get rid of Training Difficulty. Starting from today, all new pets released will have nonBM attack rates and BM stat%. If we release a pet, then you can always pick it up and use it, regardless of your CHA. I've already updated the Nepencreep, Mini Chillax, and Robodeer pets to follow this -- they all have -66 TD now. All other old pets are still on the old standard -- they'll have to be updated later, if/when we get some free time. In particular, we really need to update the old MC pets, since this used to be their MC bonus.

September 2nd 2011

As you are aware Algern's Carapace was recently released, and it has a rather non-conventional approach , being a Darkness armor locked to attacking with the Darkness element. This has proved highly controversial, due to the limits on our ability to adjust Z-token items, I've reverted the Z-token items to standard armors for now and left the Guardian/Adventurer items as they were to help with gathering further data, once we're more certain of an appropriate modifier, we will release z-token versions of the element-locked version again. 

Z-token Items  Since there seems to be some confusion about our z-token item policy here's the current version:  1) Z-token items can be adjusted at will during the first 48 hours after release. This does not usually happen and will never reduce the weapon below standard Z-token power.  2) After the first 48 hours bugs can be fixed. Adjustments can also be made but we can't reduce the overall power of the item for those at its intended level(s) of use (which are the levels between the buy level of the item and its official power level) by its intended users.

July 7th 2011

As I'm sure everyone has noticed, there have been a *lot* of updates in the past week - and the release was both early (new nodrop shields!) and late (UltraGuardian). We were releasing things as they were ready to go out - which tells you just how much work it was getting some of them ready to go. So here's a list of what we did! 

The first release was the addition of new nodrop shields - Adventurer, Guardian, and Awe - which level with your character. The Guardian and Awe ones also follow the elemental selection you choose for your Guardian armor. 

Second came updates to existing nodrops: 

  • Adventurer (Long Sword, Short Sword, Wooden Staff, and Spear) weapons are Earth and scale to YourLevel - 20 (minimum 0) 
  • Guardian (Blade, Dagger, Spear, and Staff) weapons are random element and scale to YourLevel - 5 (minimum 0). Guardian Dragon was also updated. 
  • Awe (and Awe!!!) (Blade, Dagger, Spear, and Staff) weapons follow the element you select for your Guardian Armor (None is Earth) and scale to YourLevel - 5 (minimum 0) (Awe!! weapons scale to YourLevel). They also had significant updates to the Special (including a very large increase in the frequency of Power Word Die - which was also updated so that if it fails, it does the new Guardian Dragon attack). 
  • Adventurer (Steel Plate, Leather Armor, Cloth Robes, and Students Robes) armors now scale to YourLevel - 20 (minimum 0). They are all flat resistance. 
  • Guardian (Plate, Leathers, Robes, and Savant Robe) armors now scale to YourLevel - 5 (minimum 0). They adjust significantly based on the element you choose for them. 
  • Full Set bonuses for using an Adventurer, Guardian, or Awe set (weapon, shield, and armor) together were also added. 
  • The rentable Awe weapons were updated. All elements are now available and scale to YourLevel. You can switch between them during the same login session for no extra charge. 
  • Adventurers can also rent the Awe weapons - for a slight additional fee. 

After that, the Guardian Tower was updated: 

  • The Guardian Armory can swap you to any of the Guardian nodrop items - temporarily or permanently. 
  • The Guardian Armory can swap you to any UltraGuardian armor or the shield temporarily or permanently as long as you have accepted them permanently for free from the UltraGuardian quest. 
  • Element Customization has been updated (there is now a cost). 

In addition: 

  • Color Customization can now be saved with any Guardian, Awe, or UltraGuardian items equipped. 
  • Gokar's Gi no longer has the old doubled spell statpercent and also now takes normal LUK/2 on LUKy Strikes 
  • Solaris now takes LUK/4 on Solar Call LUKy Strikes (instead of LUK/2) 
  • Tiny clickable buttons now appear below the menu with AntiGuardian equipped, so that you can click your shield and weapon for those with click-effects. 
  • AntiGuardian now takes LUK/4 on Dark Bolt LUKy Strikes (instead of LUK/2) 

May 31st 2011

  • Nemesis FSB is now a 12% chance of dealing Void damage (Void is 200%); there is no other boost. 
  • The Nemesis monster was updated to reflect this. He also had his Void damage reduced to be more balanced (and less player-eating), since you are expected to have very good resistances to everything except Void/Harm. 
  • The Solaris monster is now a slight Cannon (to match the armor being Offensive), and he was updated to differentiate between his Skill and his weapon Special (since they are different power for the player). They look the same but the Skill is more powerful (and costs him SP). He has been generally rebalanced to hit the difficulty desired (Elite Boss) more closely. 
  • The Solaris armor was updated so that the skill tells weapons not to override the element - some older weapons will still override it; in those cases, the weapon needs fixing. 
  • The Seekrat quests can now be found on the main map - go east! 
  • Steampunk Undead can be found in Zorbak's Hideout 
  • Stretch of the Imagination (or Mana Ice) and the Nemesis quest can be found in Warlic's shop 
  • The Solaris Set quest has been added to the Travel map near Battleon 
  • The level requirement for the Chmeran quest has been reduced to that you can actually go get that Level 11Z armor! 
  • Darkshifters and Shadow Dragons can now use their skill (this update when in earlier this weekend).

21st April 2010

  • You heal after a set of encounters. Either 2 standard encounters 10 turns each, or 1 boss encounter 20 that lasts 20 turns.
  • A Melee weapon using character with Strength and Dexterity as our baseline for damage, the damage this person does with a standard weapon of their level, with standard stats for their level in a standard armor of their level is considered 1 Turn of Damage. 
  • Spells should do 2 Turns of Damage.
  • Magic weapons should do 75% of Melee/Ranged weapon damage.
  • 20 Turns of 1 Turn of Damage from our Melee Build .
  • Mages use 4 turns of spells and 16 turns of 0.75 Melee Damage over the 20 turns.
  • All players attacks get the same Lucky Strike bonus (LUK*3/8), whether they are Spells, Magic Weapons, Melee Weapons or Ranged Weapons.
  • Specials are balanced around Melee Weapons with Specials dealing on average 110% damage (Meaning the special of a 20% Proc deals 150% damage).
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