This page is aimed at new and returning players alike.

There are a couple of aspects that you should be familiar with going into the game. You can learn them by yourself, but this is also a good introductory.

The Battle System

This is a turn-based RPG, where each turn the player can control their equipped items without ending the turn, and attack in some form.

Your inventory is comprised of:

  • Miscs - Items that add some sort of functionality on top of the player (be it resistance, damage, or some other effect). These generally have an upkeep of one of your resources.
  • Weapons - This is self explanatory. An item dealing damage with generally just one element.
  • Shields - An item that provides some resistance to one or more elements.
  • Armor - The main differentiator, providing both defenses against some elements, as well as playing a part in determining how much damage you deal.
  • Pets - An ally you can have by your side that deals damage as well. A lot of pets have a bundled effect making them more than just a damage source.
  • Spells - While this section is mostly dominated by Mages for obvious reasons, some spells can also be used by other builds.
  • Guests - While not strictly in your inventory, some spells summon an additional ally to fight by your side, consuming some resources for each turn it's on your side of the field.

The base strategy is very simple. Equip armors and shields that are resistant to the element the monster attacks with, equip weapons and pets that the enemy is weak against (can be seen by hovering on the portrait of the enemy).

Each turn you can either attack with your weapon, use an armor skill if there is one, or cast a spell (guest spells don't take a turn, other than some older ones).

Each inventory category can hold up to 8 items, with the Weapon and Armor categories having 1 slot already occupied with your default equipment.

You have 3 resources available to you:

  • Health Points (HP) - The most obvious one, if it runs out, you die.
  • Mana Points (MP) - You start with full MP, but don't regenerate it. It is used for most spells and for some skills, guests and miscs.
  • Stamina/Skill Points (SP) - You start with 0 SP, but regenerate it over the length of the battle. It is used for some spells, skills, guests and miscs.

Your objective, as obvious as it is, is to make sure your opponent's health reaches 0 before yours.

The Character Creation Screen & The Tutorial

While you choose a class on the character creation screen, it only determines 3 things:

  • Your initial stats, giving 10 points to the stat corresponding with the class you chose. (Easily reversible in the game)
  • Your default weapon, which is also rather easily swapped, and is generally not used in most cases.
  • Your default armor, changing the emphasis of your armor from elemental defenses, to dodge chance, and again, is rather easily swapped.

The tutorial gives you a brief intro into the game, and explains how to navigate the town.

Death's Domain

When you die in battle, you'll have a short visit by Death, who tells you that you died, but unfortunately there's no place for you in his domain just quite yet, after which he returns you to town. You can however visit his domain by clicking the semi-transparent Hourglass near his boat.

Throughout Death's Domain there are purple portals, leading to random places, two of which are:

  • The Untrainer - Mentioned in the next section.
  • Name Change - One of the portals will lead you to Twilly, who helped you name your character the first time, but it seems like he forgot your name and needs you to "remind" him, by typing in your new name.

In order to leave Death's Domain, you must either die in battle or flee a battle.

The Builds

Once you roll into town, you can see a Training Hut on the right side of the screen, called "Stat Trainers".

There are 3 available stat trainers:

  • Sir Lanceler - The "General" Stat Trainer. He will train you in each stat, but only up to 125 per stat.
  • Neberon the Mage - One of the two specialized stat trainers, able to train you in either Intelligence (INT), Charisma (CHA) or Luck (LUK).
  • Grimweld the Warrior - One of the two specialized stat trainers, able to train you in either Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX) or Endurance (END).

In order to train a stat, you must battle the trainer, defeat them overcoming the corresponding handicap, and paying the required amount of gold.

While the stat trainers offer you the option to pay with Z-Tokens, DO NOT TAKE THAT OPTION.

An additional stat trainer is available through Death's Domain. He can only be encountered by visiting Death's Domain as described before, and going into the Purple portals. The first one will teleport you to Sir Pwnsalot.

Sir Pwnsalot is the untrainer, allowing you to respec your stats at the cost of only your pride, by choosing the stat you want to respec 5 points of, and losing to him in battle. You can click his jaw to make him deal a much bigger amount of damage, speeding up the process.

Once encountered at least once, The Untrainer will be available from the Yellow Portal in the Guardian Tower, but only for Guardian characters.

Once you visit them, you can choose the build you prefer on the Stats & Builds page, or train the stats of the build of your choice.

The Currency

Items in AdventureQuest Classic cost one of either of 3 currencies:

  • Gold - The default currency of the game, earned by killing monsters.
  • Z-Tokens - The premium currency of the game, which you can use to either buy some premium items in-game, or a loot-box, dubbed Golden Giftbox, that contains access to one of the exclusive shops of the game. More on the looboxes on the Additional Information page. They can be either purchased for real money, or earned through random drops from battles, ranging from 3 to 10 per battle, and capping at 25 (Adventurer) or 50 (Guardian) Z-Tokens per day. (See below for Adventurer/Guardian)
  • $$$ - Some items are only available through the purchase of Z-Token packages, which are essentially the addition of some Z-Tokens to your character as well as one item of your choosing from the list.

The Equipment

Once you've chosen your build, head over to the Equipment Guide and choose the equipment corresponding to the choices you've made in the Stats & Builds page.

Generally, the top option in each category is the cookie cutter option, offering the most in terms of raw strength, and is what you should choose if you don't like reading too much. However, not all items are available to your character, depending on your access type. Items in the Equipment Guide are separated into 4 major access types:

  • Adventurer - These items have no badge (that little text at the top right of the item card), and are available to everyone.
  • Guardian - These items are only available to those who upgraded to a Guardian, more on that on the Guardian section.
  • Z-Tokens - These items, while technically available to all players, require the use of the premium currency.
  • Premium - These items, while technically available to all players, cannot be accessed without the use of real world money, and are available only through the purchase of a Z-Token package.

You are therefore advised to either pick the best option that's available to your access type.

(Not in) The Face

On the main town, go into the Mage Shop, and see that you can purchase faces there. Once you bought the face you want, go into the Mirror of Colors in the same dialogue menu, and choose the face you want, and customize it to your liking.

The Guardian (Of the Galaxy)

Unrelated to the movie, while the base game is free, some in-game content is locked for Adventurer characters which are essentially the Demo characters of the game.

You can make a one-time payment of $20 ($10 for additional characters on the same account) to experience the full game.

It is possible however for free characters to access almost all the locked quests and travel locations through a Travel Pass which will be described at the end of the section.

The most notable features of Guardians are:

  1. Access to the Guardian Tower, including a permanent location for Void Challenges, which are an occasional event.
  2. Access to better no-drop gear, which can be elementally aligned.
  3. Access to many quests and locations on the map.
  4. Access to a lot of the meta gear.
  5. Increase of the level cap from 135 to 150.

Travel Pass

The Travel Pass allows you to access Guardian Only locations on the map with an Adventurer character, and it lasts until you log out.

In order to acquire a Travel Pass, go into the Mage Shop, ask to explore and the shop, and put the following three ingredients from the cabinet into the pot:

  • Magma Leaf
  • Bad Juice
  • Slattwobb Dust

This will give you a Pet Rock, but the process isn't done yet.

Go back to town, click on Valencia, the purple haired lady with a floating Moglin by her side, and ask to visit her privately, where you'll ask her about the Travel Pass.

The Story

The story of AdventureQuest is scattered across the various towns, and locations on the map, comprising of some one-off stories, as well as some long sagas.

You can read on it on the official guide to AQ lore as well as follow the spreadsheet containing the order of quests in the game.

The Item Upgrader

AQ allows players to upgrade their items without having to complete the same quest again to get a higher level version of an item. The item upgrader is available through the Account Manager (Character List --> Click a character --> Upgrade Inventory).

Some items are not upgradeable, meaning you have to quest for them again in case you want higher level versions. It's mostly the so-called "MC set" items that you cannot upgrade.

A list of items that can be upgraded can be found here.


Once you're done getting acquainted with the game, this wiki offers a couple of additional features to help you navigate the game:

As well as many other features, appearing on the guide's Main Page.

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