This is a list of misc items that are particularly powerful for Hybrids that use the Werepyre Subrace.


Offensive Miscs

Blood Contract

The strongest misc for normal attacks and any non-spell typed skill. Boosts all Normal/Magic/Spell-Based attacks by *1.2/*1.267/*1.1 (respectively) at the cost of taking *1.143 increased damage.

Location: 7500 Z-Token Package

Info-Subs: Link

Irt of Osiris

One of the best misc items for Werepyres. Provides 40 STR and INT, 50 END, and reduces incoming Light damage by 50%. Additionally, it provides +10 BtH to attacks (/0.75 for Magic attacks, and /2 for Spell-Based attacks). This is particularly strong for Werepyre Hybrids as it provides 80 stats that contribute to damage scaling.

Location: Mage Shop -> Mastercraft Sets -> Osiris Set

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Murderator Gauntlet

An incredibly strong misc for Werepyres. Boosts STR and INT by 50 and CHA by 30. This gives Werepyre base damage 100 extra stats to scale with and Dunamis/Poelala 80 extra stats to scale with. While the control chance doesn't synergize particularly well with other effects that a werepyre might use, the raw stats alone make this an incredible item.

Location: Guardian Tower -> Nimrod -> Quests -> Arena of Enthusiasts! -> Moderators Challenge!

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Prime Chaos Orb

Every time you click on the misc two effects are attempted:

1. Element scramble, attempting to shuffle the enemy's defenses.

2. Lean: Applies a lean to the opponent the same way some armors apply to you. The lean gets stronger the more you click it. Clicking the misc however costs your inventory slots, replacing them randomly with a "Skip Turn" button and the misc is no longer usable once miscs are locked out. The first click is free.

Fully-Offensive or pure characters will usually want to use this either for the element scramble, or for the one quick cast, as this effect only becomes efficient if the battle lasts longer than their usual battle.

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> UltraRare Shop Rare (May return next February during the GGB Extravaganza)

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Defensive Miscs

Zfinity Gauntlet: Space

Comes with two skills.

  • Harden Space: Usable once per battle. Grants the player a +60 MRM "Shield" for 1 turn. This costs 235 SP
  • Soften Space: Usable once per turn. Grants the player a x0.5 All-Element EleShield for 1 turn. This costs 274 SP

Analysis: A good option for purely defensive characters. However, there are other sources of these effects without once per battle/turn limitations. Combining Geocastellum Robes and Edoc Imanok/Panoply (From Big Dictionary) can produce similar and potentially more powerful results.

Location: Limited-Time Shop Rare - This item returns periodically.

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A unique resist misc that can provide resistance to the 8 standard elements on an as-need basis. When hit with one of the 8 standard elements, damage taken from that element by 40% for all subsequent hits (e.g. if a monster has a 4-hit fire attack, first hit attunes the misc to fire and other 3 hits are reduced by 40%). Additionally, ZardAde provides 40 STR.

Location: Blarney -> Past Blarney Rewards

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Cyclops' Eye

Effectively the same as ZardAde but without the additional STR.

Location: Travel Map -> Sail East -> Travel South -> Legends of Lore:Cyclops Day

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