Houses offer a variety of features, from Potions, Leveling, Gold Farming, Token Farming, Golden Giftboxes and even a mini-game that revolves around warring. This section attempts to cover everything you need to know about houses.

Prices & Interest Rates

Houses go from 188 Z-Tokens for the cheapest house, to 2326 Z-Tokens for the cheapest estate (more on that later), and up to 17500 Z-Tokens for the highest costing house.

Upon purchase a house will lose 10% of its value (Can be sold for 90% of the initial price) with a +0.5% weekly value increase.

Or in the form of a formula:

Sell Price = ( Buy Price ) * [ 0.9 + (Weeks Since Purchase) * 0.005 ]

This means after 20 weeks the house will return to its original value, and after 200 additional weeks (roughly 4 years) the house will double in value.

This used to be a good source of Z-Token revenue, but now it's just an added bonus.

Inventory Slots

One of the main reasons player want a house is to increase their inventory slots. The distinction between inventory slots and active inventory slots should be made however. You can't increase the amount of slots available during battle, but you can increase the amount of gear you have readily available to swap when in town.

For players looking to increase their inventory slot count, houses can potentially be a very efficient way of doing that, as inventory slots cost 100 Z-Tokens per slot.

The cheapest house, the Forest Tent (188 Z-Tokens) provides 12 inventory slots, 2 of each category, valued at 1200 Z-Tokens. The break even point is at the Frostval Stone Cottage (6000 Z-Tokens) that offers 60 inventory slots, 2 of each category, valued at 6000 Z-Tokens, while the top house for the cost of 17500 Z-Tokens offers 120 additional slots, 20 of each category and valued at 12000 Z-Tokens.

While buying a top house may seem inefficient, it's worth noting that house inventory slots do not count towards the cap of buyable inventory slots and are therefore still a good investment.


Houses offer potion refill of up to 25 of each category on demand.

Leveling / Gold Farming

Some of the better leveling / gold farming methods involve a house. A couple of players have made their house publicly available with convenient monsters to kill, which you can visit through the "Visit Neighbor" option at your house. More on that on the corresponding sections.

Museum (Free Golden Giftboxes)

Estate houses have an additional screen, called the estate, which you can populate with various buildings, one of which is the Museum. While the original intention for the Museum was most likely scrapped, it provides 1 Golden Giftbox a month to characters on a Guardian account. To reiterate, the character doesn't have to be a Guardian, but the account must have at least one Guardian character.

This building should NOT be upgraded as it doesn't provide any function other than the aforementioned one at the moment.

Portal Paintings

Some events and bosses have a portal painting to them, which can be bought, and later used to access these events / bosses from your house.

List of currently known portal paintings:

Name Event Rarity
Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime Frostval 2014 Rare
Frostval '15: Fruitcake Fury! Frostval 2015 Rare
Frostval '16: Rise of the Sweater Zombies Frostval 2016 Rare
Frostval '17: Island of Misfit Ornaments Frostval 2017 Rare
Frostval '18: A Nightmarish Frostval Carol Frostval 2018 Rare
Mogloween Portal Painting Mogloween Quest Hub Seasonal
Snugglefest Portal Painting Snugglefest Quest Hub Seasonal
Blarney Portal Painting Blarney Quest Hub Seasonal
April Fools' Portal Painting April Fools' Quest Hub Seasonal
Grenwog Portal Painting Grenwog Quest Hub Seasonal
Cinco DOOM Mayo Painting Cinco DOOM Mayo pinata Seasonal
Harvest Portal Painting Harvest Fest Quest Hub Seasonal
Chairman Platinum Operation: Gameocide Rare
Sea Titan Void Invasion Rare
Starslayer Void Invasion Seasonal
Shinyaro Void Invasion Rare (Possibly seasonal)
Mogdin Void Invasion Rare
RhubZard Portrait Void Invasion Available (Guardian Tower -> Right-> Up -> Yellow Portal -> Void -> Defeat RhubZard) (Possibly seasonal)
Void Dragon Queen Void Invasion Rare
Zardnado Fight Zardnado Seasonal (Shark Week)

The Estate

As mentioned a couple of times already, houses can have an estate, which functions as a small mini-game inside the game.

Just to say it outright, the estate has no actual effect on gameplay and is self-contained.

All estate items can be bought by visiting the estate shop accessible from your estate.

The functions the estate does provide are, stat trainers, and warring.

Stat Trainers

The stat trainers allow you to un-train your stats instantly without having to die or teleport via the yellow portal in the Guardian Tower, as well as to train your stats at up to half the cost. Two stat trainers are available, one for INT/CHA/LUK and the other for STR/DEX/END, and each costs 1500 Z-Tokens.


One of the bigger events in the game are wars. Estates can participate by sending armies, which is essentially a button click that tells you how many waves your army defeated, and how much gold / exp it earned you.

In order to send armies, you have two options:

Guard Tower

With the Guard Tower you can use resources to send your House Guards to battle. The Guard Tower costs 1500 Z-Tokens.

Another feature of the Guard Tower is it reduces the chances of invasions. More of that in the House Guard section.

Mega World Portal

With the Mega World Portal, which costs 4500 Z-Tokens, and a portal painting to either Trescol or Kairula which costs 1500 Z-Tokens. While the price seems higher than the Guard Tower, it is because the Guard Tower requires you to have Guards which also cost Tokens.

Efficiency of your resources is decided by the level of your portal, and the reputation you have on the corresponding planet. You can travel to that planet and complete various tasks.


As mentioned before, you need to use resources to send your armies away. These are Food, Wood, Stone, and Energy.

The maximum possible resource income is:

Resource Amount/h
Food 280
Wood 40
Stone 40
Energy 268

Although this may vary as cheaper houses sometimes have a different resource distribution, but ultimately have a lower resource income overall.

Resources can be acquired by building the various estate buildings.

Additionally, estate buildings can be upgraded to increase their value one way or another, and these upgrades require resources.

House Guards

House Guards serve two functions. Like previously mentioned, they can be used via the Guard Tower to fight in wars, and they can also protect against invasions.

Sometimes monsters will attack your estate buildings, preventing them from generating resources or providing their function.

Currently the amount of guards required to prevent invasions alltogether is unknown, but a level 15 Guard Tower alongside all the Shadow Guards (listed below) is enough. Since the Guard Tower costs resources to maintain, this will be updated once more strict criteria are found.

Total Cost

A fully upgraded estate will cost 34,750 Z-Tokens, although some compromises can be made, like forgoing the Trainers (3000 Z-Tokens), and some storage buildings (There are 4 buildings, costing 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 Z-Tokens respectively) that are used to increase the overall amount of resources your estate can carry.

Getting Your House

If you do not yet have a house, simply clicking on the House button at the bottom right of the town. If you do, a housing shop is available from town as well.

After buying the house of your choice, clicking on that same House button will lead you to a plot of land. Simply fight 10 battles to clear the trees and your house will be available permanently there.

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