10 50
20 100
30 150
40 200
50 250
60 250 50
70 250 100
80 250 150
90 250 200
100 250 250
110 250 50 250
120 250 100 250
130 250 150 250
135 250 175 250
140 250 200 250
150 250 250 250

most of the equipment in this section is optional- if you can't access it on your character, feel free to disregard it. The only really important part that isn't always available is the Ghost Costume, from Mogloween, or Bard of War, from Frostval, and you can substitute that with the Fujin armor if you keep using its defense boost.
Weapons Armors Shields Spells Pets Miscs
Spear of Awe / Spear Deft Armor of Awe (Energy) / Leather Armor Shield of Awe (Energy) / Wooden Shield Moonwalker's Grace Lavender-in-full-Bloom Excelsior Elixir
Flashbang Rat Grenades Ghost Costume Scarab Shell Purple Rain Rose-in-full-Bloom Shadowfeeder Pendant
Zakiya's Spear/Zabura's Hammer Vampire Transformation Shield of Agony's Blood Terrapin Shell Possessed Sword Mana Trap
Fujin's no Kiyousa Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse Shield Drop the MOAP Cephalopod Legendary Shadow Crystal v1
Rogue Outfit Fujin no Shukufuku Scarab Swarm Pig Drake
Any Bard of War variant Figurehead Necromantic WAHHHHH
Cryo-Chrono Shield Thorns
Morningstar Bulwark Tenacious Dracolich Claws

Sit in Ghost Costume with Shield of Agony's Blood, Excelsior Elixir, Black Cat, and whatever weapon and pet you prefer using. This is a pretty good baseline for your MRM. If needed, grab an extra turn with Shadowfeeder to use Mist Form, then use MGrace. Increases your MRM quite a bit.

Guests- The black cat from the rogue class is generally preferrable, since with at least 66 CHA it has a 100% chance of reducing the monster's BtH by your rogue class level, which should be 10. Pets- Lavender doll from Snugglefest can inflict Blind. Rose doll from the same event can inflict Berserk. Possessed Sword from Ghost Rusters! can reduce an attack's BtH by 12 if the monster fails a save, but only has a level 142 version. Sin of Revontheus from Rare Golden Giftboxes is similar to the Possessed Sword, but has a powerlevel 153 version. Shields- Scarab Shell from the Osiris set quest has +17 MRM, but also has a toggle that costs 78 SP and increases your MRM by +6, lowering the monster's MRM by the same amount. Emancipator's Radiance from Umazen Uprising: Part 2 offers -20 blind potence but is otherwise unremarkable. Shield of Agony's Blood in Adder's Forge inflicts a -10 BtH berserk lean onto the monster and inflicts Harm damage on the monster whenever you block hits, but its MRM is worse than the Scarab Shell's. Figurehead from Talk Like a Pirate Day tries to inflict Unlucky on the monster when you block hits, but its MRM is subpar. LUK debuffs can combo nicely with other statuses, if desired. Cryo-Chrono Shield in the Guardian Shop sometimes tries to inflict Paralysis on the monster when you block hits, but once again, MRM is an issue. Fujin no Shukufuku from the Fujin set quest has a +50 DEX toggle, but even with the toggle its MRM is substandard. Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse Shields from seasonal eclipse events can be clicked on to spend SP for a skill that tries to Blind the monster for 2 rounds- the BtH is -37.76 modified by the monster's Darkness resistance. Eye of Naab can be clicked to spend a turn gaining a +40 MRM Defense Boost until the end of the monster's turn if the monster fails a save. This is generally not recommended since it overwrites other Defense Boosts, but can be useful in an emergency. Morningstar Bulwark damages the monster and heals you based on the percentage of hits blocked out of hits attempted. Making your no-drops Energy and getting the Deft Shield of Awe fills out your elemental lineup and gets you a shield that also heals on block. Weapons- Flashbang Rat Grenades in Celestial Haven Armor are 100-proc, and can inflict a fairly powerful blind for one turn- two hits, -17 BtH per hit, modified by the monster's Light resistance. Light monsters are immune. Zabura's Hammer and Zakiya's Spear, both from Return to Order, can both be clicked to spend SP on a 4-hit skill that inflicts Blind. The duration is twice the number of hits connected, and the BtH is -15 modified by the monster's Light resistance. Miscs- The Excelsior Elixir gives a flat +8 MRM boost. Mana Trap gives +40 DEX and LUK, giving +5 MRM from DEX and +1 MRM from LUK on top of +10 Magic defense, Magic damage reduction, and Magic backlash. If you know the monster exclusively uses Magic attacks, this is good. Legendary Shadow Crystal v1 (Roc Day): Gives +10 MRM and +30 DEX for +3.5 MRM from DEX, on top of some other useful effects. Unfortunately, only applies 1 out of every 4 days. Shadowfeeder Pendant can be clicked to spend SP on an extra turn to set up safely. Buffs- Moonwalker's Grace from Adder's Forge is a quickcast spell that gives +86 DEX for 3 rounds, giving +10.75 MRM from DEX. Vampire subrace's mist form takes a turn, but heals you somewhat and gives +20 MRM for 3 rounds. Terrapin Shell is generally only ideal for END builds- if you don't like beast builds or the vampire subrace, you can use END and this spell instead. Armor- Ghost Costume has 76 MRM. Equip it after setting up. Fujin's no Kiyousa is strictly worse than Ghost Costume unless you didn't plan on using any other Defense Boost, but it's at least not seasonal. Bard of War is also seasonal, but you can generally find some version of it in December's Ultra-Rare Golden Giftboxes. If you don't mind the wait and the price, then it's better at making an overall dodge build, since giving your guest and pet celerity can help stack debuffs and offer more overall utility than purely focusing on dodging. Offensive Spells- They're just filler, really. Chosen from the existing CHA-based spells for coverage's sake.

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