This page is intended as an intro to commonly used strategies, in the game. In no way does it cover all your strategy needs for every niche boss or quest, but will serve as a good base for experimentation.

The Purple Rain Loop

Purple Rain is a spell that allows you to record the values of HP / MP / SP of you and the monster, and casting it a second time will revert the values to their original state. This might sound pointless, *but* what is not reverted, are statuses, which persist through the second cast of Purple Rain.

This is considered advantageous as you can use Quickcast (see the following section) spells and miscs to buff your character before starting the actual battle.

Required terms and definitions

These are the terms and definitions you need to understand for this strategy:

  • Quickcast is an ability you use without spending your turn.
  • Celerity is the effect of getting two *turns* in the same round (round being the turns of you, your guest, your pet, and the enemy).
  • Control is an effect you apply to your enemy, giving it a percentage chance of harming himself instead of you.

Required Items

Without these, you can't use the strategy.

  • Purple Rain (A spell that at the first cast records you and the monsters HP / MP / SP, and at the second cast attempts to restore them to their recorded value)
  • Essence Orb (A misc that upon clicking restores some SP at the cost of HP. This effect is a quickcast)

Complementary Items

You could use all of these, or some of these to extend the benefits of the strategy.

  • Shadowfeeder Pendant (A misc that upon clicking it attempts to grant you Celerity. This effect is a quickcast)
  • Love Potion (Seasonal) (A misc that upon clicking it attempts to Control the monster. This effect is a quickcast)
  • Vampire Subrace
  • Moonwalker's Grace (A spell that increases your DEX by +86. This effect is a quickcast)
  • Arcane Amplification / Buffalot Beach Bod (Premium) (Spells that increase your INT / STR respectively. This spell is a quickcast)
  • New Year's Surprise 2019 (Rare) (Spells that increase your BtH based on the amount of INT / STR you have. This spell is a quickcast)
  • Dragonguard Spell (Spell that increases your Lucky Strike rate up to 100%. This spell is NOT a quickcast)

Auxiliary Items

These items make the strategy easier to perform, but are not inherently required.

  • Pies (Click to increase your CHA by +50)
  • Celtic Wheel (Click to increase your INT by +50)
  • Irt of Osiris (Increase your INT by +45)
  • Waffle Cone (Increase your CHA and LUK by +50)
  • Cracked Ornament (Rare) (Increase the status infliction chance by +10%, but not over 100%)
  • Accordion Shield (Rare) (Increase the Control infliction chance by +20%, but not over 100%)
  • AQ's 16th Birthday Cake (Rare) (Restores +395 SP on click. This effect is a quickcast)
  • Taladosian Pendant (Increases the chances for Control by +10%, but not over 100%)

Step by Step

The step by step guide is set up in a way that if you lack some of the items that are not in the required section, you can simply skip the step or the part of it that is mentioning them.

Steps that are available to F2P Players are Bold with the exception of a step that requires a seasonal item that is marked Bold And Italicized.

Note: You might need to refill your SP bar using Essence Orb for some of the steps and therefore each time you lack the required amount of SP, just refill it.

  1. Equip AQ's 16th Birthday Cake and click on it to regain some SP.
  2. Equip Essence Orb.
  3. Depending on your needs, either use it first to fill your SP bar, and then cast Purple Rain the first time, or the other way around.
  4. Cast Dragonguard Spell (Note: This should spend your turn, and that behavior is intended).
  5. Warriors and other builds with 0 INT should equip Celtic Wheel and Irt of Osiris and click on the Shield to have enough mana for the next step.
  6. Cast Moonwalker's Grace + Arcane Amplification (Mage) / Buffalot Beach Bod (Warrior) + New Year's Surprise 2019.
  7. Equip Shadowfeeder Pendant, and click on it until you gain an extra turn. - This should give Celerity to you, your guest, and your pet.
  8. Equip Accordion Shield if you have it, otherwise equip Pies and click on it for the CHA boost. - This is to increase the chances of success for Love Potion & Mesmerize as they have a higher chance as your CHA goes up.
  9. Equip your Vampire Subrace armor, and use the skill Alluring Presence (+50 CHA) - This is to increase the chances of success for Love Potion as it has a higher chance as your CHA goes up.
  10. Equip Love Potion and click on it until the enemy is under Control. - It is important that you perform this step BEFORE casting Mesmerize, as Love Potion will do nothing if the monster is already under Control.
  11. Equip either Waffle Cone or Cracked Ornament. If the monster has over 250 CHA, or 0 CHA, Cracked Ornament is better. Otherwise, Waffle Cone is better. Players who don't have access to Cracked Ornament can use Taladosian Pendant as it functions the same.
  12. Cast Mesmerize Twice.
  13. The enemy should be disabled for 2-6 rounds.


  • Shadowfeeder Pendant inflicts with VStat and LUK, meaning there's no way you can increase its chances of success with items.
  • Both Mesmerize and Love Potion inflict with CHA/LUK and the monster resist with CHA/LUK. This means that against a monster with 0 CHA

The Bloodzerker Combo

While it's dubbed "The Bloodzerker Combo", it's also possible to set it up with any of the subraces Beast Form.

Some weapons can be clicked to perform a skill that acts as your regular attack, meaning it will get boosted by the above armors.

The strategy is fairly straightforward. Equip Bloodzerker / Subrace armor, activate their Blood Skill / Beast Form, and click your weapon.

The Bloodzerker skill will modify the attack's element while the subrace armors will not, so keep that in mind.

Weapon-Click Weapons

List of Weapons Damage Type Element
Zabura's Hammer Melee Light
Blade of the Thornful Rose Melee Water
Gauntlet of Xano Melee Light
Zakiya's Spear Ranged Light
Lance of the Thornful Rose Ranged Water
Morningstar Divine Cross Ranged Light
Blade of the Briar Magic Water
Morningstar Occult Cross Magic Light
Fear Eater Melee/Ranged/Magic Darkness*

* See entry on the Equipment Guide for further details.

The Really Really Weapon Based Skill

While being much easier to come up with, it is still worth mentioning for those who haven't thought of it yet.

Since Weapon Based Skills apply effects from your weapon, any bonus to damage or lucky strike benefits your Weapon Based Skill as well.

The Bloodblades (see list at the bottom) offer +20% additive bonus to your damage, and Sen

Therefore you benefit from equipping them while using a weapon-based skill.

For the same reason, they would benefit from Monolith Mace, which multiplies your Lucky Strike damage by *1.5 (Only the LUK part of the formula is multiplied).

You therefore want to pick either of the two variations below.

The Blood Skill

  • Any of the Bloodblades.
  • Any Armor with a Weapon Based Skill (See List).
List of Bloodblades
Bloodzerker's Blazing Sword
Hydromancer Bloodblade
Cryomancer Bloodblade
Lumenomancer Bloodblade

The Angel of LUK

  • Monolith Mace
  • Angel of Souls
  • Optional: Dragonguard Spell

Since Angel of Souls receives a bigger bonus on its Lucky Strikes, it should be very good with LS boosting items. Furthermore, since Dragonguard boosts Lucky Strike rate by up to +99% (For a total of 100%), using it in conjunction with Angel of Souls and Monolith Mace will yield amazing results.

Obviously, both should be used with Chieftain's Ironthorn to maximize damage.

If you don't want to combine it with Dragonguard Spell you could swap Monolith Mace with any Lucky Strike rate boosting weapons like the Shamrock Sensu/Shuriken.

Infinite Accuracy

  • Either Perfectly Balanced Blade, or Kusanagi (See: Melee Weapon section).
  • Any Armor with a Weapon Based Skill (See List).

For really dodgy foes, you can use either weapon to make the armor's skill auto-hit. Do note that it still takes the weapon's penalty so while it'll never miss, it'll deal decreased damage as well.

The Freeze Brothers

Nezujimbo is a guest who you can pay Gold to attempt to Freeze the enemy. Frost Effigy is a pet that both increases Freeze Chance, as well as attempts to inflict Freeze. Having both active will increase Nezujimbo's chances of succeeding with the freeze as well.

FO Characters can use Ice Katana for another source of Freeze.

To further increase your chances of Freezing, using Bard of War's skills or Shadowfeeder Pendant will make Nezujimbo and Frost Effigy attempt to Freeze twice.

Wizard Robes

Mage characters have access to the varying Wizard Robes.

One combo is using spells while wearing the elemental Wizard Robes fitting the spell's element.

Another less known combo, is boosting Harm / Heal spells with Generalist Robes.

It works with spells like Mana Regeneration as well.

Therefore, equipping Generalist Robes will benefit the following spells:

  • Mana Regeneration
  • Archmage Research
  • Void Dragon Ambush
  • Any Heal spell
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