Miscs decreasing stats (SEVERITY: LOW)


Sometimes, a misc item that boosts your stats might reduce the stats instead if you can't pay the SP cost.

How to reproduce

Video: https://youtu.be/Y0einbIi0pA

Love Potion Stacking (SEVERITY: MEDIUM)

24/03/20 Sleepy Khaiin Status update made Love Pot stack with itself.


Love Potion control stacks with itself

How to reproduce

Use quick-cast control repeatedly


Click Here

Possible solutions

When stacking statuses the previous status system applied successful statuses that were stronger than the current ones, and otherwise discarded them, which meant manual checks on items had to be done. With the current system this is done by the system, which means that previously you had only to not manually stack, while in this one you have to actively prohibit that.

Add check for stacking on the item, or a bit for stacking.

Unavailable quests (in "limbo") (SEVERITY: MEDIUM)

These quests are currently not available, even though they should be:

  • Void Dragon War: Dark Accession
  • Dragonlorn Keep: Darker Memories (part 1)
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