Foam Finger (FIRE)

This excellent melee weapon allows you to choose one of 3 modes:

  • Boost the damage your pet and guest deal by +12.5% for free.
  • Boost the damage your pet by +50% at the cost of a small amount of SP.
  • Boost the damage your pet and guest by +25% at the cost of a moderate amount of SP.

Considering other sources of damage for your pets and guests, this should prove as a pretty powerful option.

Location: Snugglefest -> Season of Shipping

Info-Subs: Link

Fresh Asteraceae (LIGHT)

While far from as good as the Foam Finger, this weapon still allows you to boost your pet and guest attaks by 15% which is a significant amount. Attacks with the weapon itself deal -20% damage to pay for this effect.

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> Rare Shop

Info-Subs: Link


Uses CHA for damage instead of a normal main stat like STR/DEX/INT. It has two modes: open and closed. In "closed" mode, it deals -33% damage but has a high chance of inflicting a 50% Control on your opponent. "Open" mode also does -33% damage, but inflicts a 2-round Prismatic Burn instead.

Location: Guardian Tower --> Nimrod --> Arena of Enthusiasts: Vs. Staff

Info-Subs: Link

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