For a beastmaster build, spell slots are typically used to call/summon a variety of guests into battle. You can find a guide to the best beastmaster guests available here. A limited number of damage-dealing skills are also available, which use CHA for stat bonuses instead of STR/INT. The guide below describes these CHA-based skills in more detail. It should be noted that, depending on your build, traditional spells or warrior/ranger skills may be more effective.



Drop the MOAP 

Drop the MOAP is ideal for any beastmaster that aims to maximise damage at any cost. The skill drains your entire SP bar to deal additional damage. Whilst the HP costs of Warmaster's burst/Destruction burst enable them to do 145-150% melee respectively, Drop the MOAP can increase this beyond 162.5% (for twice the normal SP cost). If you lack any SP, this skill will still deal the equivalent of a standard magic attack (75% melee).

Location: Harvest Festival -> 2014 BURP war

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Necromantic WAHHHHH 

This non-mastercraft skill deals standard wind damage with no special effects. The only real benefit of using this skill is it gains bonuses from CHA, as there are a number of SP/MP options which deal far superior damage (e.g. Warmaster's burst/Borrow). You should only use this if you desperately require a CHA-based wind skill.

Location: Snugglefest -> Date Night

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Moglord War Party

Although the damage dealt by this skill is fairly standard, it takes stat bonuses purely from CHA and LUK. Few people run DEXless builds, making this benefit comparatively niche. Nonetheless, you can substantially boost the damage/accuracy of this skill solely by raising your CHA, compared to others that need both CHA and DEX.

Location: None

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This non-mastercraft skill deals -47.6% damage to attempt to inflict control onto your opponent (12.5%, 2 rounds). If you prefer status skills/spells, this is ideal as there are no recommended earth status spells

Location: Travel Map -> Travel East -> Travel South -> The Celestial Haven -> Mind if I explore town? -> Click the town -> Medicine shop (top right) -> Advanced Medicine

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Deck of Hearts

Similar to Necromantic WAHHHHH, Deck of hearts is a non-mastercraft skill that deals standard damage and has no special effect. However, the difference in element between the two affects your options. It is of little use to a beastmage, as there are a wide variety of energy spells to choose from, most of which are mastercrafted. Options are much more limited for a beastwarrior/ranger, with few options besides the Z-token Thunder wave blade skill. Deck of hearts will suffice for these sub-builds if you are desperate for an energy skill, though using an armour skill or spell alternative is still recommended if possible.

Location: Snugglefest

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Scarab Swarm

Scarab swarm represents an interesting alternative for a beastmage that doesn't want to use Creation Burst or Star Forge. The skill will also deal +10% damage if your foe's average M/R/M defences fall below a certain threshold. Whilst more niche than the aforementioned spells, it can be chained with M/R/M reducing items to great effect.

Location: Warlic's Shop -> Mastercraft Sets -> Osiris Set (Part II)

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Tenacious Dracolich Claws

Best used in long, drawn-out fights, this skill starts out weaker than the average. However, it becomes stronger with each successive use, capping after the third cast at 125% damage. Although this is not as strong as Destruction Burst, a strong alternative for beastmages, this comes at no extra HP cost. It also allows you to conserve your mana for summon guests.

Location: Guardian Tower -> Nimrod » Quests -> Arena of Enthusiasts! -> Moderators Challenge!

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Fleshreaver Strike

This standard skill possess a simple accuracy boost as a mastercraft effect (+4.25bth). For Beastmages, Destruction burst offers much greater damage output for a relatively low amount of HP. Fires of desolation also offers the same fire/dark compression without the burst cost. With that said, this skill is an acceptable alternative should you want to pay neither the HP nor MP cost. It also deals 100% damage outright, making it better than Tenacious Dracolich Claws in short battles.

Location: Travel Map -> Dragonspine -> 24: Necragon Incursion

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Sisters of Mercy

This heal skills offers an additional benefit by sacrificing 50% of its damage to provide a 1-turn elemental shield, reducing damage from all elements by 50%.

Location: Guardian tower -> Talk to Nimrod -> Guardian account shop

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Mending Vines/Purifying Pollen

Each of these healing skills also has the ability to cure you of certain status effects. Whilst purifying pollen cures you of any Poison/Disease, mending vines removes any Bleed/Burn. Both can be useful in niche situations. Mending fines are a little more practical for daily use.

Location: Travel Map -> Travel East -> Travel South -> The Celestial Haven -> Mind if I explore town? -> Click the town -> Medicine shop (top right) -> Advanced Medicine

Info subs: Mending Vines - Link Purifying Pollen - Link

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