These miscs are recommended for any Beastmaster build. You should also check out the respective class-specific misc sections.


Pet/Guest Damage Miscs

Prime Chaos Orb

Every time you click on the misc two effects are attempted

1. Element scramble, attempting to shuffle the enemy's defenses.

2. Lean: Applies a lean to the opponent the same way some armors apply to you. The lean gets stronger the more you click it. Clicking the misc however costs your inventory slots, replacing them randomly with a "Skip Turn" button and the misc is no longer usable once miscs are locked out. The first click is free.

This is very efficient for Beastmasters, as their pets and guests will still attack even if the inventory slots are locked.

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> UltraRare Shop

Info-Subs: Link

Aria's Rattle

Top option in terms of damage for Beastmaster builds, offering +45% pet damage (that's +18% Melee player damage) as well as a +8 BtH increase making it a strong option for guaranteeing statuses and increasing your pet damage to be on par with your guest.

Location: Aprils Fools -> 2014: Babes of Battleon

Info-Subs: Link

Shock Collar

Another strong option, albeit a bit more defensive than Aria's Rattle. It offers *1.325 damage to your pets, making it potent in conjunction with additive boosts like Foam Finger, and a -10% flat resistance to energy.

With items like Foam Finger, or using pets with additive bonuses (Flame/Aqua Bots, Abberant and so on) Shock Collar actually out-damages Aria's Rattle.

Location: Travel Map -> Chessmaster Saga -> 13. Fallen Fisherman

Info-Subs: Link

Waffle Cone

The "Warlic's Oblivion Sphere of Beastmasters". Waffle Cone provides +50 CHA and LUK. This combination of stats boost Pet Damage/BtH/Crit Damage, and Guest Damage/BtH. Additionally, the misc also boosts Ice damage by +20% to player (/0.75 for magic attacks and /2 for spell-based attacks). However, what makes Waffle Cone unique is that it also boosts Ice pet/guest damage as well.

Location: Mage Shop -> Mastercraft Sets -> Dessert Set

Info-Subs: Link

Samukematsuri Oni Mask

One of the more interesting misc items in the game. Increases STR, END, and LUK but 50 and CHA by 20. The main attraction for Samukematsuri Oni is the Burn effect. After every hit of a weapon attack or spell that connects the misc attempts to inflict a 2.2 Power Fire Burn for 1 turn. This is excelent for beast build as it alows them to stack Burns faster in combination with the abilities of the Neko armors.

Location: Guardian Giftboxen 2017 Rare

Info-Subs: Link

Pet/Guest Utility Miscs

Frostgale's Remorse

One of the more unique misc items available. Boosts DEX by 50, Ranged Blocking by 10, and can be toggled between two modes: Ice and Wind. In both modes Ice/Wind damage is boost by +22% (/0.75 for magic attacks and /2 for spell-based attacks), this does not apply to pets/guests. Additionally, in Ice mode the misc provides -20 Freeze Potency, while in Wind mode it provides -20 Paralysis potency. While not the top option for pure damage, Frostgale's Remorse is definitely a must have for any build utilizing either of these statuses, regardless of the damage boost.

Location: Location: Mage Shop -> Mastercraft Sets -> Frostgale Set (Part 3)

Info-Subs: Link

Cracked Ornament

Works similar to Frostgale's Remorse except that it gives the player a -10 potency bonus for all statuses.

Note: This is still available for owners of the portal painting

Location: Frostval Portal Painting 2017 -> Finale [Last Quest]

Info-Subs: Link

Pet/Guest Compression

Grakma Warhorn

This misc grants 35 CHA and reduces incoming Fire damage by 50%. Although the main attraction of Grakma Warhorn is the Berserk status toggle and compressed guest. The toggle applies a -15.3 BtH lean to the player and as causes you deal *1.2195 damage to compensate, and the summonable Grakma guest can inflict a powerful Fire EleVuln effect to your enemies. Grakma Warhorn is particularly useful for beast builds as it both compresses a guest and provides a massive boost to player damage.

Location: Travel Map -> Sail East -> Mt. Thrall -> Hollow's Garage -> I'm Here to Kick Some Demon Tail! -> Grakma Horn Misc Shop (After Finding 2 Horns)

Info-Subs: Link

Angel Bells

Similar to the above Paladin's Oath, except that Angel Bells reduces incoming Light damage by 50%, increases Melee/Ranged/Magic Defenses by 5/5/6 respectively, and grants 50 CHA. Additionally, when clicked a Cherub guest (SP) is summoned, this guest does +100% damage but had a chance to give your opponent Celerity.

Location: Frostval 2015 Portal Painting -> Gift Delivery!

Info-Subs: Link

Paladin's Oath

A strong light misc that can summon a simulacrum of Artix when clicked on. Additionally, increases CHA and LUK by 45, and boost the damage of Light Normal/Magic/Spell-Based attacks by *1.18/*1.24/*1.09 (respectively). Definitely a good option for those that

Location: Yulgar's Inn -> Yulgar -> Yulgar's Advanced Shop

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