Potion Gathering

In case you need more potions, there are several options open to you, both as a Guardian, and as an Adventurer. All options give 1 HP Potion, and 1 MP Potion per battle.

Go to the Mage Shop, click "Explore Shop" and combine from the cabinet into the cauldron the following items: Bad Juice, Magma Leaf, Slattwob Dust.

After doing so you will get a Pet Rock.

Then go to Valencia and choose to Visit Her Privately, and choose "Battle Pass".

You are now able to use Travel Map to most locations.


Location: Travel Map -> Crossroads -> Yonder

Since you're generally equipped to deal Fire damage, choosing Ice will probably yield the fastest results.

Triple Challenge (Guardians Only)

Location: Guardian Tower -> Right -> Up -> Click on the Glowing Portal -> Triple Challenge.

Generally faster than Crossroads.

Golden Giftboxes

Golden Giftboxes are the lootboxes of AdventureQuest Classic.

The Golden Giftboxes can be bought from Valencia -> What are Golden Giftboxes?

Each one costs 250 Z-Tokens, but you can buy 10 for the price of 8 (2000 Z-Tokens).

Each Golden Giftbox opens one of three shops:

  • Common Shop
  • Rare Shop
  • UltraRare Shop

From which, you'll be able to buy one item.

Additionally, exiting the shop will not consume your Golden Giftbox, and you'll be able to revisit the shop later via the "What's inside?" option.

You can view how many Giftboxes of each type you have by going to the Account Management panel.

On the same panel, you can exchange lower rarity boxes for higher rarity ones at the following exchange rate:

25 Common -> 1 Rare.

10 Rare -> 1 UltraRare.

Guardian characters get 1 free Golden Giftbox per month, and characters on a Guardian account get 1 free Golden Giftbox per month if they have the Museum built on their house estate, for a maximum of 2 Golden Giftboxes per character.

Lucretia's Apothecary


Lucretia offers you access to potions, which are basically temporary items that provide various boosts in battle. You may buy potions for either Z-Tokens or Gold, though the latter option is only available if you have permanently unlocked the potions by crafting them in the following order: Regenerative Spritzer » Poison Neutraliser » Heart of the Ramleon » Dead-Eye Straight » Shining Aura » Ambush.

When you start a potion crafting quest, you must finish it first before taking on another. You only need to find the ingredients once, after which you can directly purchase the potion for Gold. You lose your progress if you log out halfway through the quest.

You may only use one potion at a time. Buying a new potion will override the effects of the previous one and they last until you log out.


Location: Travel Map » Granemor » Click on Lucretia's Potion Shop


If you have not rescued Lucretia, no one is in the apothecary. Otherwise, you can refill your starting potions and talk to her.

List of Potions

Regenerative Spritzer

Regenerate 34 HP a turn*

*effect scales with level. Value listed is for lvl 150.

Ingredient Location Extra Info
Swamp Fern Swamp (Ingredient Hunt) Random drop from the Swamp in the Ingredient Hunt (You found a swamp fern!)
Bubble Elemental Taladosian Relics! Randomly found among the monster encounters.

Click on her head to receive the ingredient.

You do not have to finish the battle.

Frankencarrot The Farm Click on its head to receive the ingredient.

You do not have to finish the battle.

Flame Fish Twig's Dilemma Clicking on "Fishing" will shorten the quest for you significantly.

Click on its head to receive the ingredient. You will take some damage.

You do not have to finish the battle.

Orcish Fruit Click on the leave-less trees near Augerthorne on the Travel Map No battle required.

Poison Neutraliser

+20 against Poison/Daze
Ingredient Location Extra Info
Roses Plains (Ingredient Hunt) Random drop from the Plains from the Ingredient Hunt. (You found a lovely red rose!)
Super Xyfrag Mogbusters: Where do Xyfrags come from?? Click on its body to receive the ingredient.

You do not have to finish the battle.

Nightmare Wyvern Wyvern Rider War! You must finish the battle.

Click on its tail to receive the ingredient.

Werewolf (any variant) Light in the Darkness! Click on its body to receive the ingredient.

You do not have to finish the battle.

Heart of the Ramleon

+20 against Fear/Control
Ingredient Location Extra Info
Mushrooms Forest (Ingredient Hunt) Random drop from the Forest from the Ingredient Hunt. (You found some mushrooms!)
Veegus Endangered Species! (Scree) You must have tamed all the pets prior (Banded Marus, Long-Horned Arctin, Stegopan, SpineBack and Therris).

The Veegus is only one of the monsters you have a chance of encountering during the quest. You have to redo the quest if you do not encounter it.

You must finish the battle.

The ingredient is automatically awarded.

Usterik Port of Deren Speak to Usterik » Any good catches? » You don't look that tough!

You must finish the battle.

Click on his body to receive the ingredient.

Pzycho Fiend The Return of Stragath! (Only for lvl 100+)

Ghin vs. Awethur!

(Guardian Mission)

Fire Yonder

The Return of Stragath! is the most efficient. Only go for the other two if you do not meet the requirements.

Click on its head to receive the ingredient.

You will take some damage.

You do not have to finish the battle.

Dead-Eye Straight

+6.8 BtH
Ingredient Location Extra Info
Starfish Ocean (Ingredient Hunt) Random drop from the Ocean from the Ingredient Hunt. (You found a starfish!)
Baby Sacragon Taladosian Relics! It can only be found in certain encounters. The quickest one is in front of the chest in the library.

You must finish the battle.

Click on its head to receive the ingredient.

Shadowscythe Cannon Paxia Under Siege! You must finish the battle.

Click on the charred remains to receive the ingredient.

Turia Levita Stretch of the Imagination! You must finish the battle.

Click on her head to receive the ingredient.

Shining Aura

+10% damage and -7.14% incoming vs Undead
Ingredient Location Extra Info
Crystal Powder Mountains (Ingredient Hunt) Random drop from the Mountains from the Ingredient Hunt. (You found some crystal powder!)
Sunray Osiris Set Quest

Epic Quest 11 - Sun and Sand

With the Devourer Saga updates, Sun and Sand is no longer the best place to look for this ingredient as the monsters now scale to your level.

It is a random encounter in the quests.

For Sun and Sand, the most efficient way is to flee on the 3rd monster and redo the quest if you do not encounter it so you don't have to sit through the subsequent dialogue.

You have to finish the battle by overloading its MP (Attack it with light).

No clicking is required.

Ice Cweam A Day at the Inn You must finish the battle.

Click on the ice cream to receive the ingredient.

Twig AQ's 10th Anniversary: Act 6 - The Seekrat You must have finished the prior quests to have access to this one.

Click on Twig to receive the ingredient.

You do not have to finish the battle.


+105 Initiative
Ingredient Location Extra Info
Rose Plains (Ingredient Hunt) Random drop from the Plains from the Ingredient Hunt. (You found a lovely red rose!)
Am-Bush Am-Boss in Wyvern Rider War! or Kill the Beast Part 1 Am-Boss is the most efficient. Click the shrubbery on the left to fight it. Only go for the other option if you cannot defeat Am-Boss.

You must finish the battle.

The ingredient is automatically awarded.

Horror Quest for the Terror Set! or Epic Quest 14: Queen of Hearts

If you're having trouble encountering a Horror in "Quest for the Terror Set!", you can consider fighting Gigorox in Queen of Hearts instead.

Click on its toe to receive the ingredient. You will take some damage if the Horror is still alive.

You do not have to finish the battle.

Braken Yulgar's Inn (Shower Monster) You must finish the battle.

Click on its tentacles to receive the ingredient.



There are five pieces required to assemble the Blade of Awe, each of which can be found in Rare Treasure Chest encounters. These encounters can only happen with the random battle in Battleon or at "Somewhere" at the Crossroads. As a result, the most efficient way of finding these pieces is to farm "Somewhere" at the Crossroads.

Guardians have free access to the Crossroads anytime via the Travel Map. Adventurers though have to get travel passes from Valencia.Please note that, whilst all players can obtain the pieces of the Blade of Awe, only Guardians can actually make use of the weapon. As such, this location isn't particularly useful for Adventurers.

Travel Quests

Crossroads has a total of 6 Travel Quests, which are a series of 12 themed battles differentiated by their backgrounds, with a final Boss and Treasure Chest encounter at the end. In addition, the "Somewhere" sign will take you to a random Travel Quest and provides a chance of encountering a Rare Treasure Chest at the end.

You receive a full heal every 2 battles. Additionally, you also have a chance of encountering a Potion Treasure Chest, which will count as a battle and give you a choice of 3 Health Potions or 3 Mana Potions.

Travel Quest Theme
Smoke Mountains Fire
Skraeling Desert Fire/Earth/Light
Northlands Ice
Kristal Reef Water
Dwarfhold Mountains Wind/Light
Greenguard Forest Earth
Somewhere Random Travel Quest

Rare Treasure Chest

When you first complete a Travel Quest, you will notice a colored star next to the sign for that locality. This indicates to you the number of times you have completed the Travel Quest.

Times Completed Star Rare Treasure Chest Chance
1 Green 9%
2 Blue 12%
3 Yellow 15%
4 Red 18%
5 Black circle with Green star 21%
6 Black circle with Blue star 24%
7 Black circle with Yellow star 27%
8 Black circle with Red star 30%
9+ Black circle with White star 33%

Your chances of encountering a Rare Treasure Chest at the end of "Somewhere" will depend on how many times you have completed the Travel Quest "Somewhere" sends you to ((3 x [times completed] + 6)%).

Blade of Awe Strategy

The most efficient way of farming Somewhere is to decide on a Travel Quest which you can most easily complete and flee the encounter if Somewhere does not send you to your Travel Quest of choice. Much of this will depend heavily on your build and the equipment you have available to you.

The Void

Anyone having trouble viewing the rotation can use this link in the meantime:


The Void is accessed either through Granemor (click on the moon) or the Guardian Tower portal.

Void Takeover

The Void Takeover is an event where a strong monster has "taken over" The Void. If you beat the Void Takeover boss, you open a shop specific to that boss. Before May 2020, Void bosses would become rare (unavailable) after some time. However, in May 2020, the game introduced a new Void boss rotation system. This means that all Void Takeover bosses will become available again. Each boss is active for one week before rotating to the next.

This is the rotation order:

Boss Time Until Arrival Rewards
Smittens Cabbit

Dangerously Adorable Cabbit

Chaos Knight Chaos Axe

Chaos Armour

Eye of Chaos (spell)

Nulgath Clockwork Scythe

Nulgath (armour)

Angelic Light (spell)

Death Flair Call Death Flair

Death Chops (spell)

Four Eyed Freak
Tooty Fruitcake Zard Call FruitcakeZard
Keyote Blade of the Briar series

Keyote (pet)

Starslayer StarSlayer (armour)

StarSaviour (armour)

Gemini Twins Gemini (shield)
Caecus Pyromancer Bloodmage

Pyromancer Bloodblade

Caecus Portrait - mage gold farming

Sea Titan Greater Water Orb
Shinyaro Shinyaro Form
Mogdin Call / Summon Mogdin
Rhubzard Call / Summon Rhubzard

Rhubzard (pet)

Were Dragon Alpha
Void Dragon Queen Void Dragon Ambush / Assault / Blitz
Woolzard Woolzard
Diamond Dog 2021-03-18 Diamond Dog pets
Tormenting Silk-Screamer Silk-Screamer Rider
Baorus the Deathwright Deathwright Whipblade

Talk Like a Pirate Day

A wonderful event celebrating pirates and pirate-y things! Can be accessed from the Today's Events menu or from Warlic's shop by combining Bad Juice, Magma Leaf, and Mermazon Kelp in his cauldron.

Pirate Quiz Challenge

This challenge contains a multitude of trivia questions about pirate related things! Successfully answering 20 correctly will unlock the 1st tier shop and successfully answering 35 questions will unlock the 2nd tier shop.

Questions and Correct Answers:

  • What's a Buccaneer? - «A Caribbean Pirate.»
  • What is Scurvy? - «A disease (Take vitamin C).»
  • When a pirate says "No Quarter!" he means... - «Take no prisoners!»
  • Were pirates bad guys or what? - «Sure they were!»
  • What is 'chum'? - «Chopped up raw fish bait.»
  • What part of the pirate ship is aft? - «The rear.»
  • What does it mean for a sailor to be 'addled'? - «To be crazy or mad.»
  • What is a 'landlubber'? - «Someone who is not a sailor.»
  • When were pirates made to 'walk the plank'? - «When they disobeyed the captain.»
  • What is a spyglass? - «A handheld telescope.»
  • What is on the Jolly Roger flag? - «A skull and crossbones»
  • What was a 'yellow jack'? - «A yellow flag warning of illness aboard a ship»
  • What is Davy Jones' Locker? - «The bottom of the sea»
  • When a pirate says "Ahoy!" he means: - «Greetings!»
  • What does 'Old Salt' mean? - «An experienced sailor»
  • What do Pirates usually NOT keep in their treasure chests? - «Gold»
  • Is Johnny Depp a good actor? - «It's a matter of opinion»
  • Because a pirate's career is dangerous, how long does his career usually last? - «2 to 5 years»
  • What should you wear for 'Talk like a Pirate Day'? - «Normal, everyday clothing»
  • Did pirates really bury treasure and make maps? Answer: - «Why bury it when you could spend it on rum?»
  • Did pirates really have parrots as pets? - «Aye, they could talk!»
  • What is a 'poop deck'? - «The highest deck at ship's rear.»
  • What is a cutlass? - «A pirate sword»
  • What was the actual number of reported pirate attacks in the first three months of 2006? - «61»
  • What does 'pirate booty' mean? - «Hoarded treasure»
  • What is 'grub'? - «Both 1 and 2 (eeew!)»
  • What did the (Pirates) drink? - «Grog, a mixture of rum and water»
  • How were pirate captains picked? - «They were elected by crew members»
  • Buccaneers became expert marksman with their: - «long-barreled muskets»
  • What is the trobble's name? - «Floyd»
  • What us a 'bung hole'? - «An opening in a barrel»
  • Who started 'Talk like a Pirate Day'? - «John Baur and Mark Summers»
  • What does 'Shiver me Timbers' mean? - «An expression of surprise»
  • What does maroon mean? - «To be left alone on an island»
  • What does shipshape mean? - «Everything is orderly and neat»
  • Which of the following is an actual kind of pirate ship? - «A corvette»
  • What does 'starboard' mean? - «The right side of a ship»
  • In the golden age of piracy, how was 'pirate' spelled? - «Pyrate»
  • What is the Jolly Roger? - «A pirate flag»
  • How did they spell pirates in the old days? - «It always changed; most people were illiterate»
  • How did pirates hold onto there pistols better? - «Wrapping them with ribbons»
  • "Hoist the colors" means? - «To raise the flags»
  • Who was a "monkey powder"? - «Boy who put gunpowder in cannons»
  • To be pirate is to... - «commit crimes at sea»
  • What would pirates call empty bottles? - «Dead men»
  • What was one of the most common shipboard diseases? - «Scurvy»
  • What is a pirates favorite bird? - «Parrot»
  • What happens if you whistle on board of ship? - «A thunderstorm will begin»
  • What does it mean "walk the plank"? - «To walk of the side of the ship»
  • The modern US dollar sign ($) comes from symbols on witch piece of pirate currency? - «Pieces of eight»
  • Where did the name "buccaneer" come from? - «Because early pirates cooked on a buccans»
  • What did the pirates call a ship they touch over? - «Prize»
  • Why do pirates pierce their ears with gold and silver? - «To help them see better»
  • What is a barker? - «A pistol»
  • What do you call a pirate who has permission to loot hostile ships? - «Privateer»
  • Why did pirates wear eyepatches? - «To help them see in the dark»
  • What do pirates think about woman on board ships? - «They were bad luck»
  • What is another name for the hangman? - «Jack Ketch»
  • What did pirates believe a pierced ear would improve? - «Luck with opposite sex»
  • Captain Rhubarb's ship - «Red Betty»
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