This list of items is comprised of what's generally considered meta. This section is not ordered by element since with 0-CHA your pets will deal a lot less damage. If you don't have any of the following pets or guests you can compensate with getting some of the pets and guests in the Beastmaster Pets section.


Damage Boosters


The Dunamis pet is the best available for all warriors, though it favors pure builds due to the fact that it uses your STR stat rather than your CHA. Rather than damaging the monster, Dunamis instead boosts the player's melee damage by 24.7%

Location: 20000 Z-Token package

Info-subs: Link


Thernda works the same way as Dunamis does, except it boosts ranged damage and uses the player's DEX as its source of 'damage'. Ranged weapon attacks get a boost of 24.7%, and ranged SP skills get half the boost: 12.4%. It's definitely worth noting however, that FD rangers should not use Thernda at all. Thernda in its base state is inferior to elemental pets, but as it derives most of its 'damage' from the player's boosts, such as misc items and the Chieftain's IronThorn shield , it ends up being greater when used with FO armors. Since FD rangers don't use the same boosts, they're much better off using normal pets.

Location: 20000 Z-Token package

Info-subs: Link


The Poelala pet is a must-have for all mages. As it derives its 'damage' from INT rather than CHA it does favor pure mages, but it's definitely very useful for Beastmasters too. I put the term 'damage' in quotation marks, because while it doesn't damage the monster at all, it instead boosts your magic weapon damage by 32.9%, and your spell damage by 12.4%.

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> UltraRare Shop

Info-subs: Link


Like The other boosters, this pet is based around adding up the pet damage into your attack. Unlike them though, it boosts only one element, removing the *0.6 penalty, causing this pet to increase your damage by up to about +40% at 250 CHA, and about +44% at 350 CHA. 0 CHA users only get around +20% boost which probably won't beat the other boosters. Like the other boosters, Magic attacks increase the boost by *4/3, and spells get only half the boost.

Location: Blarney War '16 - LepreZards, Past Blarney Rewards

Info-subs: Link


Effectively the same as Lepre-Chan, but for Fire. Unlike Lepre-Chan, it derives some of it boost from your Mainstat (INT for Magic, STR for Melee, DEX for Ranged), making it about *5/3 stronger than the regular boosters and therefore being extremely potent.

Location: 20000 Z-Token Package

Info-subs: Link


An Ice clone of Ramssy

Location: 20000 Z-Token Package

Info-subs: Link

Mog Lightnaut

An Energy clone of Ramssy

Location: None

Info-subs: [TBD]

Little Pegasid

A pet that increases your Wind attacks' lucky strike chance by *1.1 at 0 CHA, *1.2 at 250 CHA, and up to *1.22 at 350 CHA. That's not a lot, considering that normally it would equate to about +2.2% Lucky Strike chance. But with chance boosting equipment this pet could be somewhat justifiable, although still not recommended even for those who have it.

Location: None.

Info-Subs: Link

Defensive Boosters


Since it requires END for 25% of the boost it fell out of flavor. But for those who for some reason want it, it offers up to -21% to -25% (250 to 350 CHA) Wind Resistance for 0 END characters. Do note that this is additive, meaning that you get -75% total with Wind Resistance miscs.

Location: Groundhog's Day Limited-Time Shop

Info-Subs: Link

Chiaro Symbiote

A pet that makes the monster deal only *12/14 damage (dealing only roughly 85.7% of its damage), and every 3rd turn attempts to Daze both you and the monster. The daze is for a relatively low rate, and you resist with DEX, so builds with high DEX should resist it often enough for it to still be a really good defensive pet.

Location: Travel Map -> Sail East -> Travel South -> Ultimon's Fortress - > Ultimon's Fortress Part 4

Info-Subs: Link



Has a toggle between two modes: the first is a pure damage attack, two hits. The second is a 3-hit attack that damages the monster's SP. For 0-CHA builds the damage attack shouldn't be used as its extremely weak. But the SP attack helps you deny your opponent nukes if he has them, making it still very good.

Location: Travel Map -> Sail East -> Mt. Thrall -> Hollow's Garage -> Underworld Saga -> Escape the Wicked King (Challenge Mode)

Info-Subs: Link

Vampoglin Lord

A pet that has a toggle between a normal attack, and an attack that deals *0.5 damage, but heals SP equals to *3/2*0.75 of the damage done.

Location: None

Info-Subs: Link


A slightly inferior version of Vampoglin Lord since this attack always hits, therefore receiving a penalty.

Location: Robina's Shop -> Quests -> Nightmare

Info-Subs: Link

Fairy Godmother

Not as useful for 0-CHA builds as for Beastmaster builds, but the options of a HP / MP heal should be situationally good.

Location: Guardian Tower -> Guardian Shop

Info-Subs: Link

Kindred Spirits' Tranquility

This pet serves only as a Tranquility stacks bot for 0-CHA builds, generating some charges.

Location: Travel Map -> Sail East -> Kindred Set

Info-Subs: Link

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