This list of items is comprised of what's generally considered meta. This section is not ordered by element since with 0-CHA your guests will deal a lot less damage. If you don't have any of the following guests you can compensate with getting some of the guests in the Beastmaster Guests section.


Damage Boosters


The Dunamis guest is the best available for all warriors, though it favors pure builds due to the fact that it uses your STR stat rather than your CHA. Rather than damaging the monster, Dunamis instead boosts the player's melee damage by 37.05%

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> UltraRare Shop

Info-subs: Link


Thernda works the same way as Dunamis does, except it boosts ranged damage and uses the player's DEX as its source of 'damage'. Ranged weapon attacks get a boost of 37.05%, and ranged SP skills get half the boost: 18.6%. It's definitely worth noting however, that FD rangers should not use Thernda at all. Thernda in its base state is inferior to elemental guests, but as it derives most of its 'damage' from the player's boosts, such as misc items and the Chieftain's IronThorn shield , it ends up being greater when used with FO armors. Since FD rangers don't use the same boosts, they're much better off using normal guests.

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> UltraRare Shop

Info-subs: Link


The Poelala guest is a must-have for all mages. As it derives its 'damage' from INT rather than CHA it does favor pure mages, but it's definitely very useful for Beastmasters too. I put the term 'damage' in quotation marks, because while it doesn't damage the monster at all, it instead boosts your magic weapon damage by 49.35%, and your spell damage by 18.6%.

Location: Valencia -> Golden Giftboxes -> UltraRare Shop

Info-subs: Link


Essence of Carnage

A good utility guest that can fit on multiple builds. Toggles between two modes:

- Defiant

This mode is more suited to mages/hybrids. At level 150 it heals MP equal to about 77% of damage dealt from your weapon attacks and weapon-based skills, assuming 250 INT and 0 CHA, at the cost of 206 MP per turn (healing around 200-500 MP on regular weapon attacks before paying the 206 MP upkeep cost, resulting in a net gain of 0-300 MP, although results may vary based on the damage your weapon attacks and weapon-based skills deal). On top of this, for each weapon hit that connects, your next spell will gain extra damage for each (e.g. if you land 5 weapon attacks then use a spell, the spell will gain +5% damage).

- Rampant

This mode has some use in backlash builds, and can act as a budget alternative to Dunamis/Thernda for warriors/rangers. The guest pays 129 SP per turn at level 150 in this mode, and gives a 13.5% boost to melee/ranged damage with 0 CHA, as well as grants the player a backlash effect. While the backlash effect for Essence of Carnage is much weaker than that of Dread Fiend of Nulgath, Essence of Carnage can come into use against monsters that have less than ~40% dark resistance, while simultaneously giving a boost to items such as Limit Breaker.

Location: Yulgar's Inn -> Lounge -> Sage Uldor -> Burning Solstice -> The Greatest Warrior II

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